Haitian Moringa Duo
Haitian Moringa Oil + Haitian Moringa Facial Cleanser
100% Natural

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Deeply cleanse and nourish with Haitian Moringa Oil, Cocoa Pods & Plantains. 

Your skin will love our 100% Natural Haitian Moringa Facial Cleanser. It's simple & gentle to use on all skin types. The harvested plants and tree barks are known for healing properties that help even out dark spots, eliminate blemishes, fights eczema and razor bumps. Haitian Moringa Oil is loaded with protective Antioxidants and nutrients to help combat free radical damage that can lead to the formation of wrinkles.

Set Includes:

1. Haitian Moringa Oil, 15 ml.

2. Haitian Moringa Facial Cleanser, 2 oz.

100% Natural Ingredients - Separation is natural; Shake Well Before Use.


Purity Pledge

Kreyol Essence promises our eco-friendly formulations are made from pure and botanical ingredients. As a social business, we are maniacal about creating jobs, protecting Haiti's environment and empowering women. We promise that every purchase you make will have a positive and direct impact.

Wet your skin and lather up with our nutrient rich Clarifying Face wash. Use morning and evening. For best results, follow with Haitian Black Castor Oil light to for a glowing healthy face.


Distilled Water, Black Soap Base (Saponified Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Palm Oil with ash from cocoa and/or plantain pods), Colloidal Oatmeal 100% Pure Moringa Seed Oil (Moringa Olefeira), Essential Oils

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Love it


Awesome!! Products. I’ve seen a different in my hair and face

Great products!

I got the face cleanser (which is awesome) I really noticed a difference from the first time I used it and so on. Of course my face did not start to look perfect from the minute I started using it, but I did notice a difference, my face looked brighter in a good way. I was not satisfied with the size of the face cleanser though, I wish it was bigger but I guess that is the only size it come in, although I was not satisfied with the size, I feel like I am satisfied with the price I paid for it since the moringa oil’s size is big and is lasting me a good time so Far since I use it quite often. Overall great produce!! Oh and the face cleanser even if it’s small, just one pump goes a long way so I’ve been trying to stay consistent with using it twice a day. My face love these products! I also put the oil in my hair and my skin so I want to get another set soon! Amazing brand! I’m super proud of the products and I love that they’re Haitian and the cherry on top is when you spend, it helps their movement to make a change and help people in Haiti :)


"Get the Glow" Face Care Set (Deluxe Size)


I notice a huge difference in my skin. I use to used rosehip seed oil, but this haitian oil blow this out the water. The cleanser is bomb. I highly recommended

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Merci Beaucoup!

Thank you so much for this product. Didn't even realize you can make a shampoo from our Haitian Black Castor Oil. I am very pleased that you had the compunction to start this line and make this available to the general public...we need some more positives coming out of Ayiti! Excellent product for use with my locs. It gives my individual locs a clean and fresh feel, but yet allows my locs and scalp to absorb the benefits of the Haitian Black Castor Oil. Thanks again! Keep up the great work.

Its awesome

Make hair soft .. easy to manage and moisturizing

Pomad Kreyòl
Natural Scalp Treatment
100% Natural