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Do you dream of having smooth, shiny hair this Summer? Well, you’re not alone! With the Summer heat in full swing, the humidity spiking and dealing with summertime frizz it can be easy to just throw your hair back in a ponytail. But no matter your hair texture, building moisture into every step of your routine is the key to fabulous, smooth, and frizz-free hair this Summer!

Kreyol Essence is here with our top 5 Summer-approved products to keep your curls juicy and frizz-free.


Haitian Black Castor Oil: Mango Papaya & Coconut

☀️ Fine hair type? This lightweight yet impactful elixir is the one for you! Without holding the hair down, this will help reduce the frizz tremendously.

☀️ ️Apply before water fun!


Haitian Moringa Oil "Love Me, Leave-In" Detangler

☀️ Perfect for managing your most crimped situations!

☀️ Recommended for smoothing the hair to prevent breaks in the hair


Haitian Black Castor Oil "So Deep" Hair Mask

☀️ Designed to lower the hair cuticle while replenishing and helps restore and hydrate the hair after a day of soaking up the sunshine

☀️ Use in shower on wet hair similar to a regular conditioner for 5-10 minutes or for a deeper conditioning, allow to sit for 15 minutes under heat or 30 minutes with a shower cap.


Haitian Moringa Oil "Slip + Shine" Multi-Vitamin Hair Serum

☀️ An absolute MUST! Recommended for smoothing frizzy hair cuticles, promoting shine, while feeding the hair and scalp.

☀️ Can be used as a shield against damage due to its heat-protectant qualities.


Microfiber Hair Towel Twin Pack

☀️ Don't overlook the last crucial product in your frizz-free Summer hair routine. This hair towel absorbs excess water without frizz-causing friction or heat!

☀️ Don't overlook the last crucial product in your frizz-free Summer hair routine Made of 100% microfiber, this easy to pack moisture-wicking towel is perfect for water-filled Summer days.


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