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Haitian Black Castor Oil
100% Natural

Great product

I love the Haitian Castor oil. I've been searching for so long. I purchased both the original and the lavender I must say I'm hook. You guys did a amazing job with the products. You now have customer for life!

Haitian Moringa Duo
Haitian Moringa Oil + Haitian Moringa Facial Cleanser
100% Natural

I am hooked!!

I found your products in an artisan market in Miami. Ever since I am hooked. My favorite products are the chocolate vanilla castor oil, the coffee coconut body cream. I put it on my hair, body, nails, and lips. When I use it on my body I rub my 2 hands together for a while to warm up and thin out the product, then I pat my hands in the various areas, and then I start rubbing. When I do this I don't have to moisturize daily. It will last me for 2 days. Please don't change your formulas as you grow in order to put up with increasing demand and growth. I noticed you added the Vanilla to the original Chocolate castor oil.

Great for Winter Hands

With all of the handwashing that I have been doing lately, this product has worked great to keep my hands moisturized without feeling sticky! So far, so good!