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About Kreyol Essence
About Kreyol Essence

Kreyòl Essence is dedicated to introducing premium ingredients to the global market and an array of eco-luxury beauty and personal care products made in Haiti.

Inspired by the crystallization of the first black republic, our goal at Kreyòl Essence is to liberate the community from costly and unsafe products that have given us false promises and broken dreams of beauty and health. Birthed from the fruitful soils of Haiti, also known as the "Pearls of the Antilles", our exotic and natural products are supported by trust worthy ingredients coupled with paramount customer service. At Kreyòl Essence we work hard to bestow upon you unbridled access to Haiti’s ancient traditions, enriched culture, and invigorating history.

Our products are not only luxurious and therapeutic but they are "natural with a purpose". When you purchase KE products you are investing in yourself and the people of Haiti. Support the beautiful women and men who hand make these products and celebrate social and beauty innovation.

Our Philosophy

Traditions, ethics, values, environment, social responsibility and leadership are all at the heart of Kreyòl Essence. All products are creatively designed and produced to evoke the character of Haiti. This fine equilibrium of culture and nature is truly an art.

Signature Product

Our exciting and purposeful company is anchored by KE’s signature Haitian Black Castor Oil or Lwil Maskriti/Huile de Ricin. One seed. One seed has the ability to provide an abundance of products that will stimulate the economy of the nation. KE’s Haitian Black Castor Oil will foster and give birth to a multitude of hair and beauty based products created with the use of natural ingredients that are indigenous to Haiti.

Haitian Black Castor Oil™ is the first and only 100% natural Haitian Castor oil on the market. Haitian Black Castor Oil is an ancient Haitian oil that has medicinal, curative and therapeutic benefits. This rich and smooth enchanted oil is extracted using a traditional Haitian method that is guaranteed to contain the full range of highly active and undamaged healing properties.



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