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4C hair is recognized as one of the hair types within the type-4 range and is known to be very tightly curled. It is essential to understand that each head of hair is different. Some with 4C hair will have curl definition, and others will not. Some will also have many different hair patterns. 

This tightly curly hair texture is also known to be a very delicate hair type. 4C hair can be coarse, it can also be fine in texture, and the hair type where shrinkage occurs the most. This hair type can also be very prone to breakage if not cared for properly.

But don’t worry, Kreyol Essence has you covered with some tips below!


Don’t use a shampoo that contains sulfates, like our Haitian Black Castor Oil Scalp Care Shampoo.  Always wash your hair in small sections to minimize tangling as much as possible.

Another great way to minimize tangling is to pre-poo your hair before you start your wash day.


4c hair does not retain moisture very well, yet ironically it is the curl pattern that needs moisture the most.

The tight kinks in 4c hair prevent the flow of sebum through the hair. 

Try our “So Deep” Hair Repair Mask.


4c hair needs to be regularly detangled, as tedious as this can sometimes be. It has a very tight curl pattern, and this causes the hair to tangle much quicker than other textures. If you don’t take this seriously, your hair will become matted and break.

Try our Haitian Moringa “Love me, Leave-In” Detangler.


4c hair loves a good deep conditioning! We advise you to deep condition your hair weekly and do a hot oil treatment right after to seal in the moisture. Use a thick deep conditioner to keep your kinks healthy and shiny. Use our Haitian Black Castor Oil for a hot oil treatment. Just heat the oil in the microwave, but make sure it is a decent temperature before you pour it over your hair and scalp. Place a shower cap and a towel over your hair. Let it sit and watch the magic happen.


The LOC/LCO method is a great method to retain moisture. 4c hair loves hydration but has difficulties holding on to it. However, if you add moisture in the right order, you will see amazing results.

The letters in the LOC method provide you with the order in which you use your hair products.

First, you add a leave-in conditioner, then an oil, and finally a cream.

In the LCO method, you start with a leave-in conditioner, then a cream, and finish with an oil. Here, the oil acts as the sealant.


Wrap your hair in a silk bonnet or scarf or sleep on a silk pillowcase. Cotton is not your friend when you lay your head to sleep. It removes moisture from your hair strands, when you rub your head against it, while you sleep. The friction will also cause your hair to tangle, become matted etc. If you don’t want to wake up in the morning with some heavy-duty detangling labor, wrap it up nicely.


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