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Social Impact
Social Impact

Kreyòl Essence is “Natural with a Purpose”. We endeavor to tackle the socioeconomic disparities plaguing Haiti by developing a business model that benefits the country economically and environmentally. We believe prosperity lies in the power of business and organizing for self-sufficiency.

As such, Kreyòl Essence hires Haitian farmers and women to grow and make our products. Over 40% of women are head of households in Haiti. Women are natural care takers and are the backbone of the country before and after the earthquake. However, women are also victims of gender-based violence and extreme poverty due to high unemployment. As a company that caters to women it is only fitting for us to focus on women hires. Kreyòl Essence believes in challenging stereotypes of all kinds and celebrating the raw beauty and talents of all people.

KE endeavors to create jobs in Haiti. The popularity of Haitian Black Castor Oil and KE products will also help to stimulate Haiti’s economy by stimulating its GDP; the country has had a trade deficit for decades. Kreyòl Essence, at its core, is an agribusiness. Our products are contingent on us planting and farming; you know, going back to the basics. We will help with Haiti’s deforestation and soil erosion challenges and help Haitian farmers see the value in returning to the country’s mainstay of yesteryear's. In the 1950’s the agriculture sector employed 80 percent of the Haitian labor force, represented 50 percent of GDP, and contributed 90 percent of export.

Lastly, as a cosmetic brand we will help to influence the perception of beauty. The fashion, cosmetics and plastic surgery industries have thrived on our preoccupation with appearance. It is a preoccupation that affects women in every sphere, class, and ethnicity. KE wants to help promote comfort, confidence, and acceptance of one’s self.

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