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Have you ever wondered what goes behind making our best-selling 100% Haitian Black Castor Oil from castor seeds? Let's find out!




Castor seeds are sowed directly into the soil by experienced Haitian farmers. The typical germination time is between 10 to 21 days but can sometimes take as long as a month before sprouting.



Seed Collection

Ripened castor plants are carefully chosen for the seed collection process. Ripe castor seeds are then placed outdoors for drying. As the seeds absorbs heat, they split open on their own and are gathered.



Cleaning & Dehuling

The castor seed is then taken inside a factory to be dehulled then subjected to a careful cleaning process to remove impurities such as sand, leaves, sticks, stems, and/or dirt by our diligent women producers.




In this stage, the seeds are manually crushed under high pressure using an oil expeller. Once the optimum amount of oil is extracted from the seeds, the residual bulk is removed from the pressing equipment.




Once the entire extraction cycle is completed, a clean, high-quality and pure castor oil is obtained, which then makes its way to the United States where it gets bottled and sent to you!


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