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Celebrate Haitian Tradition Through Beauty

Mothers and Grandmothers play one of the most important roles in Haiti’s vibrant culture. As the pillar of families and the global economy, they're not given the honorable title of Poto-Mitan for no reason. Their strength, tireless work and compelling beauty secrets have been historically passed down by through the ages, deeply rooting them in culture and tradition.

For Haitian Heritage Month and Mother’s Day, we are proud to pay tribute to them though story. We invite you to pass down these cherished tips with your very own and indulge in our pure and authentic Haitian products made by Poto-Mitans of Haiti with love and care.



Q. How has your Haitian Heritage influenced you as a mother?

Until I became a mom, I did not realize how important my Haitian heritage mattered to me. For instance, I was teaching my kids to always refer to adults as Uncle or Tatie if they are close grown up friends to instill in them the respect for their elders. We push the use of the Creole language as much as we can and words like " Du Riz" &  "Sos Pwa" became unique words in their English vocabulary.


Q. As a professional, is it hard to balance your work and being a mom?

Being a career woman and a mom is one of the hardest balance that I have had to maintain so far in my life. There is always a lingering guilt no matter which aspect of your life that you make a priority. I work as an Assistant Controller in Finance and sometimes, it means that my work day continues even after I put my kids to bed. My kids will always be my priority but my career is my personal achievement so my life will constantly require tough choices to maintain some sort of balance.


Q. What do you want for your kids more than anything else? What aspect of Haitian Heritage do you most want them to know?

More than anything, I want my kids to grow up healthy, have a strong love of family and a great sense of responsibility. I definitely want them to learn and discover the Haitian culture through music and art. I love Twoubadou and my husband is a die hard Kompa lover therefore I can guarantee they will be no strangers to this aspect of the Haitian heritage.


Q. What is your favorite Kreyol Essence product?

I am in love with the mint scented Lwil maskreti and the Moringa Oil. Those two are definitely my favorites.  Lwil maskreti has become a regular used item in my household.


Q. What do you remember most about Lwil Maskriti/Haitian Castor Oil growing up? Do you use this traditional oil in your family?

My mother always used this mix of Lwil Maskreti and the Dax Pomade to fix my hair as a kid and as a mom, I find myself doing the same thing after I wash my girls' hair. However, the one thing that really stuck with me and I find it to be my "go to" remedy is to use Lwil Maskreti on my kids chest when they have a cold or fever. This is my little magic remedy. I guess that I am more Haitian than I thought (LOL)


Q. What did your mom, grandmother, aunt/mother figure instill in you that could almost bring you to tears?

Growing up, my mother always teaches us that family comes first and hard work will always pay off. No matter what, supporting and loving your close family is priority in our home. Always be good to those who are good to you, but stay far from those who wish you harm. Growing up, I try my best to live by these words as I understand their meanings even more.


Mothers Day 2018

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