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Celebrate Haitian Tradition Through Beauty

Mothers and Grandmothers play one of the most important roles in Haiti’s vibrant culture. As the pillar of families and the global economy, they're not given the honorable title of Poto-Mitan for no reason. Their strength, tireless work and compelling beauty secrets have been historically passed down by through the ages, deeply rooting them in culture and tradition.

For Haitian Heritage Month and Mother’s Day, we are proud to pay tribute to them though story. We invite you to pass down these cherished tips with your very own and indulge in our pure and authentic Haitian products made by Poto-Mitans of Haiti with love and care.




Q. How has your Haitian Heritage influenced you as a mother?

I remember my mom always telling me that even though I am in America, as long as I am in her household, I am in Haiti.  She did not conform to a new way of  raising my brother and I.  At first it would drive me crazy, but now that I am older, I thank my mother immensely for how she raised me, she instilled so much morals and values in me.  I decided to use a modern version of how I was raised with my young men.  I teach them about respecting themselves and others.  I teach them to take accountability for their actions and I also teach them to be go getters, to be resilient.


Q. As a professional, is it hard to balance your work and being a mom?

I currently work for a cosmetic brand full time, I am a lifestyle influencer, a pro MUA and I am also a social media manager. I know that's a whole lot, but I believe in having more than 1 skill.  It can be very challenging at times to balance work and being a mom primarily because I raise my children on my own.   I do my best to put work aside once I am with my children, I never want them to feel as though I am not paying attention to their needs.  I find that communicating to my young men about why I need to go to an event, or why I am recording a video has helped them to understand that I am doing all of this to ensure that we consistently have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies.  The amazing thing about is is that they are beyond supportive of what I do, always promoting me to other women about how I make YouTube videos and how I should be followed on Instagram.


Q. What do you want for your kids more than anything else? What aspect of Haitian Heritage do you most want them to know?

I want my kids to be happy, like truly happy with themselves.  I do not believe in forcing them to be doctors, lawyers or engineers.  I do believe in guiding them to succeed in the career path they choose to take. I want my children to know their Haitian Culture, I just started speaking Creole with them and they love it.  I want my young men to be proud of their history and pass it on to their children.


Q. What is your favorite Kreyol Essence product?

My favorite Kreyol Essence product is the 100% Natural Haitian Moringa Oil.  It is light weight and keeps my face glowing and moisturized.


Q. What do you remember most about Lwil Maskriti/Haitian Castor Oil growing up? Do you use this traditional oil in your family?

My most memorable moments growing up with lwil maskreti is how my mom would apply it to my scalp.  It kept my hair moisturized, glowing and strong.  I use this oil till this day on my young men when they are sick, especially when they are congested.  I rub it down from the middle of their crowns down to their chest and then within a couple of hours, they would sneeze and everything would come out.  Lwil maskreti is truly a miracle oil.


Q. What did your mom, grandmother, aunt/mother figure instill in you that could almost bring you to tears?

One memory as a child that I hold dear to my heart is the love of flowers my grandmother had. She was especially obsessed with sunflowers.  She would plant them everywhere and when they bloomed she would call me to come look.  My favorite flower is the sunflower, I get excited every time I see it, it’s almost as though my grandmother is telling me that she is watching over me.


Mothers Day 2018

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