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NEW! Haitian Moringa: Hair, Skin, & Nails Vitamins (1.1oz) Pineapple Rhum Punch

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Our Pineapple Rhum Punch Haitian Moringa powder is a yummy 3-in-1 superfood blend that you can drink, add to food and use as a face mask to get that glow and take care of your hair.

Healthy Hair and Skin starts from the inside. Nourishing Moringa and strengthening Collagen provides 92 vitamins and 46 antioxidants to impart elasticity and promote skin  turnover.  Our unique formula taste great and we infuse this powder with Biotin, Ashwaganda, & Hyaluronic Acid to promote healthy hair and skin. Achieve the radiant hair and skin of your dreams.

What to Love:

Plants help you age gracefully and well.  Promote great hair and skin. A yummy rival to Matcha, Kale & Turmeric. A caffeine-free way to energy and more.

Purity Pledge

Vegan, ethically sourced extracts; Cruelty Free; Color Safe

NO parabens, SLS & SLES, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglcerin, silicones, EDTA, and more. 

Kreyòl Essence promises our eco-friendly formulations are made from natural and botanical ingredients. We are maniacal about creating jobs, protecting the environment, and empowering women and farmers. We promise that every purchase you make will have a global positive and direct impact.

With this in mind, we are always innovating and improving our formulas. For transparency, we will always update our ingredient list on our website if we are in transitioning.

Because we formulate with natural ingredients from the earth, please note that viscosity, color, and scent pronouncement may vary. Our products are concentrated so a reminder that a little goes a long way.


Inner Glow: Blend or whisk 1 teaspoon into 8-10 oz of water or milk. Add to your favorite smoothie, yogurt, coffee, vegetables, snack, or juice!

Pairs Well With: Lemon Tea, Coconut or hemp milk, bananas.

Outer Glow: Cleanse with our all-natural Moringa Cleansing Gel. Mix a few drops of water with our Moringa Superglow Powder to create a paste of your desired consistency.  Apply a thin layer to face and neck, avoiding contact with eyes.  Leave on 5-10 minutes or until fully dry, then rinse with warm water.

Follow with our Moringa Multi-Fruit Toner and Haitian Moringa Oil moisturizer. Use 1-2 times a week for best results.


Moringa Powder, Citric Acid, Ashwagandha Root Powder, L-Lysine, L-Proline, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural Pineapple Flavor, Ginger Powder, Monk Fruit Powder, and Biotin

WARNING: Pregnant or nursing mothers and individuals with an unknown medical condition should consult a physician prior to using this or any other dietary supplement.

Allergen Statement: Processed in a facility that also processes nuts and other allergens


Tribe Results

Natural and Dramatic

Eco-friendly formulations are made from pure and botanical ingredients

Cruelty freeCruelty free
Paraben freeParaben free
Sulfate freeSulfate free
Gluten freeGluten free
Cruelty free
Paraben free
Silicone free
Sulfate free
Gluten free

Customer Reviews

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MORINGA Super Glow

I drank this supplement and felt better after I did. I have not been as consistent to drink this on a daily basis or every other day but soon I will have my scheduling on point, as I plunge into exercising and eating healthy especially during this pandemic. This product, to me, is God sent and I'm not an overly religious person but when I watched SHARK TANK and listened and saw the items;
I said to myself, "I am going to blend those products with my new schedule" I always tell friends and family members to speak to their physician first before incorporating new supplements because frankly, I do not know everyone's health concerns or issues but for me, this is working good.

Natural with a purpose

Using sustainable sourcing to create a blueprint for out poverty alleviation goals.

300 Women Producers Employed
5,500 Farmers Employed
1,000,000 Castor Plants Cultivated
30,000 Households Impacted
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