Posted on by Jonathan Paul

Tribe Called Curl

With benefits reportedly including hair growth, increased curl thickness, curing scalp infections and lubricating strands, castor is a true miracle oil for the natural hair community.  Upstart beauty brand Kreyol Essence is harnessing the power of castor oil with a uniquely Haitian approach.

Founder Yve-Car Momperousse drew from the beauty traditions and local ingredients of Haiti to create her line of hair and body products. Now four years strong, Kreyol Essence’s emollient rich butters, creams and oils—which are great for coily hair, are poised for a breakthrough.  And, the fact that the company cites the economic development of the first independent Black republic in the western hemisphere as one of its goals is an added bonus.  Tribe profiled the burgeoning brand as part of our coverage on some of our natural hair product businesses, in honor of National Entrepreneurship month.

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