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Ulta Beauty honored the founders of Kreyòl Essence, Yve-Car Momperousse and Stéphane Jean-Baptiste, including them in their MUSE 100, a program celebrating 100 inspirational Black voices in and around beauty.  Muse 100 | Ulta Beauty

Launched earlier this year, MUSE
 is a platform to Magnify, Uplift, Support, and Empower the black community, with the MUSE 100 representing the next chapter in Ulta’s continued efforts to champion underrepresented voices.

Moreover, the MUSE 100 is comprised of 10 categories including:

  1. Makeup Magicians: To those making the world more beautiful – artists & innovators in the makeup space
  2. Hair Raisers: The hairstylists and influencers who are changing the hair game, one lock, braid, twist and strand at a time
  3. Well Makers: To those leaders & founders celebrating the beauty of wellness and mental health
  4. Story Shifters: For those telling the stories of Black beauty: editors, journalists, activists, media mavens
  5. Luminous Leaders: The changemakers and entrepreneurs leading and lighting the way in their spaces
  6. Executive Excellency: Here’s to the bosses of beauty - the movers and shakers making an impact in the industry
  7. Culture Composers: The influencers, creators, and content curators driving culture today and tomorrow
  8. Style Setters: To the icons and trend setters in the fashion space
  9. Next Gen: For the emerging young Black leaders shaking up our world
  10. Fearless Founders:  The founders changing the face of beauty and taking the industry shelves by storm:

With initiatives, commitments, and partnerships of this nature, we know the beauty industry and many others, alike, will continue to progress thanks to Fearless Leaders, like Ulta Beauty, where the possibilities are beautiful.

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