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When Kreyol Essence hit the kind of growth every entrepreneur dreams about, Yve-Car Momperousse arrived at a critical juncture. To continue growing the business, it was more critical than ever to meet expectations of customers and vendors alike. But multiple third-party logistics companies failed to deliver, leaving her searching for a better option. With Instawork, she’s regained control of their operations and found the motivated, quality people she needs.

Kreyol Essence is ready to grow on its own terms.


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From Haiti to Miami and beyond 

Kreyol Essence was founded on a few core beliefs: That handmade can heal, tradition is timeless, and hard work is better than a handout. For founder Yve-Car Momperousse, it wasn’t just family tradition in a bottle; it was a chance to create opportunity and self-sufficiency in her community and beyond. 

So, it’s no surprise that the beloved beauty brand has grown rapidly under the vision of its leader, and with the help of talented, dedicated workers. As operations expanded with her supply chain stateside, the third-party logistics companies she turned to for help couldn’t deliver. With that, she decided to bring fulfillment back in house. 

But handling staffing internally was simply too time-consuming. Vetting potential workers, dealing with frequent turnover, and managing the complexities of scheduling a growing team, took her and her team anywhere from 20 to 25 hours a week. Yve-Car needed a faster, easier way to get quality help. And she wanted to find workers she could trust, who wanted to be a part of her mission.

“As an entrepreneur, my most valuable commodity is time. As CEO, I need to be focused on closing deals, managing my team, and thinking through the company's future. I can’t be in the warehouse managing operations. Trusted professionals must handle those important steps,” Yve-Car notes.


Quality people, quickly

That’s because for Yve-Car, everyone who touches her business matters. Instawork’s partnership helped her build in the quality and passion she’s looking for, at every touchpoint. “I love that Instawork handles the vetting process. We get people who show up ready to work.”

Instawork was also able to take over time-consuming tasks like managing callouts, finding shift replacements, and readjusting schedules.  

“Instawork is the sole staffing provider for our warehouse,” Yve-Car says. “These are the workers we need on hand to support with picking, packing, and returns during those busy periods. They meet demands when we’re running promotions, and during the holidays, which account for almost 50 percent of our business. When we need extra hands, we want the right folks—those who want the work.”


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