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Imagine wanting to solve a problem that you are having, then having your efforts turn into a brand that's featured on Shark Tank. That’s what happened to today’s guest, Yve-Car Momperousse.

Listen to today’s interview to hear what Yve-Car has to say about how Kreyol Essence was born and started gaining traction, how to build communities and market within them, and deciding where your brand goes next.

Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode: What gave Yve-Car the idea for Kreyol Essence How Kreyol Essence started getting traction Finding an audience What getting traction does for your mindset Advice for people who want to build a community and market that way How the brand got onto Shark Tank What Shark Tank did for the brand Navigating where to take your brand next How it’s been to run a business with a significant other Expanding and introducing new products in a brand that was launched on a flagship product The nicest thing that someone’s done for Yve-Car in her professional career

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