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The "perfect eyebrows" take time, effort, and yes, trial-and-error – but they’re so worth it!

Regardless of what your preferences are - thick, thin, straight, or curved - your eyebrows serve as the anchor to your face and have the ability to enhance and flatter your features in remarkable and drastic ways.  

The first step to discovering the power of carefully-crafted brows is recognizing that there is an art to creating the best brows for your face, also known as “mapping” – where the symmetry of your face in relation to your eyebrows is measured as a means of creating the “best” shape for your face.  

In this article we will note the most common mistakes to avoid and also provide some quick and easy tips to nourish your brows so they can live up to their fullest potential.


Common Eyebrow Mistakes to Avoid

Before we get into the quick and easy tips, let’s first have a look at some all-too-common mistakes to avoid.


1. Over Plucking

We know all too well how addictive it can be to constantly tweeze those seemingly out of place hairs, but in doing so, we often go too far and inevitably the dreaded waiting game begins to regain those lost precious hairs. 

To grow back your brows you will need to be ‘hands off” for at least 2 months --longer if you’ve used more permanent removal methods like waxing (versus tweezing).  Progress may be slow, and patience is a must, but as time passes, take note of your hair growth cycle and only get into a healthy tweezing routine once you’ve seen sufficient regrowth taking place.

Tip: stray hair will begin far from the brow line, so be sure not to pluck those and impact the process; only once you’ve seen growth closer to the brow line, will you see it moving to the final stages – after which you can begin to shape by removing the external hairs.

-- Slow and steady wins the race here.


2. Filling in Eyebrows Unevenly or with the Wrong Shade

As we move through the process of regrowing our brows, we look to fill in the gaps with pencils, gels, microblading, or all of the above.  While it’s perfectly okay to use any of these methods, choosing the right color/shade matters! -- Going too dark or too light will look unnatural and draw more attention to the uneven nature of your brows.

Tip: When choosing a brow pencil, go for one shade lighter than your natural color, and when using gel, go for one that matches your color or one that is slightly darker.  

And lastly, if you’re considering professional treatments (i.e. microblading, shading, tinting, waxing, etc), get recommendations from trusted sources and from results you’ve actually seen!  Once you’re there, always provide reference pictures of your desired shape and shade to assure there is no confusion about your eyebrow goals/expectations.


3. Not Grooming Proactively or at all

As we age our bodies change, and with that comes deviations in how and where our hair grows.  Our brow growth cycle, in particular, slows with age, making it increasingly difficult to regrow hairs in sparse areas (while overgrowing in unwanted areas, too).  This is why it is important to be proactive in your grooming routine – like with many health-based beauty routines, it’s never too early to prepare and care! So, give yourself and your brows a little TLC with just a few minutes a week and you will see it can make a significant difference in your overall appearance and how you feel, too.


Tips for Achieving Perfect Brows

Now that you know what to avoid, let’s review a few of those proactive habits and routines you can implement to achieve “better brows.”

1. Use a Nighttime Treatment

For thicker and healthier brows, you’ll need to incorporate the right nighttime routine. We recommend using Kreyol Essence’s Haitian Black Castor Oil  - which contains a high concentration of fatty acids and vitamin E to stimulate hair follicles for thicker, fuller brows.  Clinically proven to block DHT (a hormone that causes hair loss) this is a very effective option to revitalize those slow-growing strands and patchy areas.

For best results, massage a few drops of oil onto brows each night and rest your way to better brows!

Learn more here: Everything You Need to Know About Black Castor Oil



2. Make Note of your Diet

Believe it or not, our diet directly impacts our skin and hair, and yes, that includes our eyebrows. Enrichening your diet with healthy vitamins and minerals, while eliminating processed sugars and saturated fats will help you feel and look your best.  

You can jump start your diet, metabolism, skin cell regeneration and hair growth with Kreyol Essence’s Haitian Moringa: Hair, Skin, & Nails Vitamins, infused with a multitude of antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins and Biotin, Collagen, and  Ashwagandha, to clear away blocked hair follicles while stimulating new growth. --Talk about a dream team! Simply add the powder to your smoothies, coffees, teas, breakfast fruit bowls and many more recipes to get yourself boosted!

Learn more here: Foods That Promote Hair Growth


3. Pack your Patience

As we mentioned earlier, growing back hairs that have been continuously manipulated will take time – whether it’s the hair on your head, your lashes or your brows – so be sure to be patient and preemptive in knowing what to do and not do, to reach your “perfect brow” goals.   Set realistic expectations and know that you won’t jump from one day to the next with thicker eyebrows; but rather with time and proper self-care via nutrition and the right natural products you’ll be sure to see impressive results! 


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