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Sinus Decongestant

I like the Haïtian Black Castor oil because its aroma is very effective as a decongestant for my sinuses when I rub it on my forehead, on my neck and between my ears and my eyes when I have a cold and a stuffy nose. It works even better when it is warmed up before applying it.

Huge difference

I grew up using castor oil in my hair, so I was more than happy to place my order when I saw the products and I am so glad I did. Not only is my hair more manageable, but I have also shine and bounce, I get so many compliments on my hair - even my daughter is using it. Absolutely love this product - the smell is just amazing!

I love this!

Ok so I’m obsessed with the coconut cocoa so for some reason I thought this was that one. This one came and i was surprised, but then it clicked that its different. I LOVE THIS ONE SO MUCH! And i buy in bulk (4-5 at a time) so i know what the others smell like. I think this may become my fave after one use. You just smell so edible it’s crazy. I love love love! Only use Kreyol on my body, face, and hair.

Great Product

I have struggled with eczema for years and no products or prescribed medication worked for me. Then I found the Shea butter and it has worked wonders relieve the dry patches and keep my skin moisturized. Love it!

Great on hair and skin

Hashimoto’s Hair Loss

I have suffered hair loss for the past 5 years due to an autoimmune disorder called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Since using Haitian Black Castor Oil I now have new hair growth at the crown of my head!

Moringa Oil

I absolutely love the moringa oil and so does my skin!

Kreyol Essence Shampoo, Conditioner and Haitian Black Castor Oil

I purchased the shampoo, conditioner and castor oil as a 3-piece item from QVC. My oh my! My hair is fine but after using the these items after one month. My hair is thicker and longer. I purchased the pomad kreyol (pomade for the scalp) seperately. The smell doesn't bother me. I have smelled worse. I add the oil to my scalp after washing and conditioning my hair. During the week I use the pomad kreyol on my scalp at least twice a week. I massage it into my scalp and then wrap my hair before going to bed. I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS. The price is worth it because it does help your hair grow. Thank you Kreyol Essence.

I love this oil

It helps to grow hair and I use it on the ends of my hair to smooth them for twist outs. My hair is in a healthier state.

Great Products

I like every product I’ve tried from this line….makes my natural curls pop

Coffee & Coconut

This product makes my body feel like butter.

Lavender Bar

Surprisingly this bar of soap works for my acne and dark spots. I only use it for my face 2x a day.

My hair is loving Kreyol Essence!

I really love all the products that I had tried. My hair stay hydrated and soft. It was thinner in top and has started to grow back, taking away the wide parts.It’s my natural hair at it’s best. I’ve been purchasing for gifts, loving this natural look. Just rich!

Natural scalp treatment

I have used this product on my hair,& I love it I had thinning around my hair line, my hair is growing, I’m very satisfied with every products that I have purchased.I’m a very happy customer. Thank you


Really enjoy this castor oil... love the minty smell and how it makes my scalp feels.

Seriously try this serum

I enjoy this product, it leaves my skin feeling nourished and hydrated and it is a great accompaniment to the body crème. The scent is marvelous as well.

Body Crème de la crème

I am absolutely recommend this product to all of my friends. It’s a 10/10! The crème is smooth, hydrating, and above all nourishing and seems to ‘melt’ into my skin. The crème keeps my skin soft and smooth; it’s well hydrated without any ‘heaviness’ or residual waxy feeling. The scent is magnificent!

The order came really quick. Everthing was in order. I can wait to use the mango and coconut castor oil.
You are the best.

Love it!

This is my third purchase of this product. I enjoy the light scent and the way it absorbs into my skin. Will purchase again.

Castor oil

I purchased the oil for my mom. The oil works miracles. Her hair has been growing and is more healthier.

So far, so good 😊

I really don't like making reviews but the hair care package is everything plus more. I went years finding the perfect shampoo and conditioner for my hair and finally found something that is perfect for my curls. Smells amazing and leave my hair super soft. K.E products doesn't leave my hair hard, flaky, greasy or anything. Haven't had it too long but first month of having it. I'm obsessed and will definitely be ordering from here again. Told my mom and friends about it for their girls and they ordered as well. Another win is Black Owned 🙌🏾

Too soon to tell

BUT!!!!!!!!! I do love the fact that it’s light weight. The AROMA is to dye for. Doesn’t cake up nor flake up. I’ve told so many of my friends about this product. I STRONGLY recommend.

Pomad Kreyòl: Natural Scalp Treatment (4oz)

So Far So Good...

So far, I haven't had any issues with my packages. I have faith that it will stay that way, and at the very least this will come in clutch when there is a problem.


Wish they would add their QVC 3 piece shampoo , conditioner and Haitian Black Castor Oil: Mango Papaya & Coconut 3.4oz bottle for 55$.

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