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I was taken aback by the color, I love the fragrance and the creamyness. I never used body cream, this is my first time.It’s nice and thick but not heavy and a little bit goes a long way. I just don’t like the color. But it’s worth the money.


I love the way it move across the body, light but fragrant and not too strong.

Love It!

I'm a Haitian American girl and this oil is great for my hair. I don't know what took me so long to switch.

Travel kit

Love all 5 oils.

Best hair gel ever!!!!!

Wasn't sticky, very comfortable to wear - none drip hair gel.
Question ❓ can it be used on toddlers hair?

Amazing Products

I started using the rosemary mint castor oil 1st and my hair was strong and healthy. It was so strong and healthy my hair stylist asked me what I was using and asked me to order her a bottle. Then when I stop relaxing my hair during the pandemic, I bought the scalp hair care pack. The results are amazing! Thank you! Keep up the phenomenal work! 🇭🇹♥️🇭🇹

Haitian Black Castor Oil: Mango Papaya & Coconut (5ml)

You ask me for a review About your oil ,

Well they produce are good the first time I get them it’s was in the home shopping network but when I want back I was told there’s service was a one time service and I want to your side things were different from what I purchase from the chopping network smaller sizes and not the same very much more expensive but yes it’s a great quality. You don’t sales things in the same package way I purchase before you put more Castro oil in the package then one I wanted.
Thanks but I don’t think I will be getting any more.
Regard Nicole

Buy This!

The variation of oils is welcome by every member of my family. I have personally seen improve softness, manageability, and growth of my hair and my daughters hair. Great product well worth the price. Huge conscience with travel.

Haitian Black Castor Oil: Original (2oz)

It’s awesome. I love the way it keeps the moisture in my hair. My hair is no longer shading. I’m seeing nothing but healthy growing hair Thanks Kreyol’ Essence.. I love your products

The best so far.

The cream works better than the gel I feel at keeping my hair moisturized. It does not frizz any more. This is today's wash and go.

Cocoa Cure

It keeps my skin hydrated and healthy. It’s my skin’s cocoa cure!!!

Magic in a Bottle

This product is a cut above the rest "magic in a bottle." It leaves the skin smooth, no oil residue. I LOVE the whole line.
Can I add a few more stars???

Amazing Product!

The Moringa Powder is an amazing product!

I started mixing it with my morning green shake and within the first try, I can immediately feel a boost in energy. I typically get coffee after my morning green shake, but I noticed that I was on a natural high.

Initially I didn't credit it to the Moringa Powder, but after using it for the next couple of days, then not taking it, it was definitely due to the Moringa Powder.

In addition, my nails grew faster, my hair felt healthier, and also my mental state was more balanced.

I've been using it for about a month now - and I ended up ordering 3 more to bring with me in my international travels. It's now a part of my daily nutrients.


I love the products..

Haitian Black Castor Oil: Cacao Vanilla (2oz)

Awesome oil

My hair had grown longer and thicker since using that product.

Hair oil

I love this oil

Just So Very Grateful

I never write reviews (but need to), but this is so warranted. I have had alopecia for years, certain spots of my scalp fall out due to stress or deficiencies. However, what has helped over the years has been an ointment from my dermatologist. This is the ONLY thing that has helped. However, this product from Kreyol Essence!! I am speechless and SO VERY GRATEFUL. I can say I have FINALLY found a second product that I can purchase that actually works!!! It even works on spots that have simply never really really grown in fully. So I want to say thank you Kreyol Essence. I hope this helps someone!

Love it

For the past year this has been the only cream I use in my skin and will never switch as long as the ingredients remain consistent

Haitian Black Castor Oil: Scalp Care Conditioner (8oz)

Awesome product love it just need a bigger sample next order

Awesome product love it just need a bigger sample next

Wonderful Product!

I love every product kreyol essence makes!!!

Very good!

I like it and I actually use it to retwist my locs. Its a good texture and doesn’t leave my hair crunchy. It makes my hair feel really beautiful after I retwist and my retwist stay for a good bit of time. I love that this product uses natural products.

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