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Didn’t believe it worked until it did

My hair was so thin I had to wear a had daily and I was just about to cut all off and rock a ball head this was my last resort ..glad to say my hair is back almost as thick as it was after a few months thank you for an amazing product


I’m a 48 yr old man and this product literally filled in the thinning areas in my hair.

S.O.S Serum

I love how the S.O.S Serum makes my scalp feel so refreshing and rejuvenated. I will definitely ordering again.


So I started buying this product to grow my hair back because I was balding really badly and I was on the oils that did not work and has been tremendous progress. Jenny been told that there is a bad ball spot in the middle of my head and I continue music to help my scalp the girls Mahira very fast.

Miracle creation

I'm old school was raised on caster oil I know the good it can do if you're consistent and it's a plus that theirs a easy dropper can be a more direct delivery I love the feel of it on skin long lasting as well thank you

Pure Awesomeness!!!

Pure Awesomeness!!!

Wash, oil, Mousse!

Listen...I have been using these products for a while. So I'm going to start with the shampoo and conditioner. Being a person that suffers from flaking time to time this has been a god sent product. It clears my flakes and neutralizes my scalp, sometimes I don't flake for months after a good wash. Granted I work out and sweat alot so it does cause some flaking but it is controlled compared to other times (before using product) so inbetween washes I oil my scalp with the haitian castor oil which also helps to keep flakes away. Now for the mousse, if you're looking for a product that will make your curls pop while adding moisture this IS IT!! I have locs, so it can look "rough" inbetween retwist appointments. I just add a little to my roots/scalp and my curly edges and kinks come alive. I really do love it. It is worth every dime.

Love this product!!!

I was so excited to try this cleanser and it did not disappoint!! Will be adding this to my skincare regimen permanently!!!

The best

I have tried every single type of oil known to man when it comes to my hair loss. Kreole Essence is the only oil that helps with hair loss, with dryness of my scalp, and the itching of my scalp. It is magical

Missing Piece

I got the 4C bundle for my hair and I didn't like it very much. Most of the products left behind a strange residue that made it harder to manage my hair. I decided to give this product a try (didn't come with the bundle) and it pretty much completed the bundle, lol. My hair became more manageable and easy to work with.

S.O.S serum

S.O.S serum is like crack but for the hair. I never felt my hair so soft. I can't keep my hand out my hair. This product smells good and it takes my hair quality to another level. That's why I say "It's crack for the hair". I must say this product is a must try. I layer it with the castor oil and my hair is good to go for the day, looking and smelling good. When the wind blow I take a deep breath because my hair smells wonderful.

much to my surprise

I did not Believe any of the reviews or the before and after, but I wanted to try it for myself. Wow, much to my surprise after using it for about six weeks I have found a tremendous difference in my hair. Plus, my hair isn't breaking off anymore. I have been using this Haitian Black castor oil twick weekly for 6 weeks now. I’ve seen tremendous growth, especially at the top of my head where I had concerns.
Another surprise once I finished oiling my hair I would rub my knees because they were you know it stop my knees from hurting? So not only do I use the Haitian Black Castor oil on my hear but also on my joints.
This is one superb product (hair and joints). I ordered two more bottles.

Haitian BlackCastor Oil

My son actually brought this product in March 2024. And I have been using ever since. My hair has grown, there are no more thin or bald spots coming in. My hair is long, shining, strong and healthy. This is all I will use period from now on. It’s wonderful! I love it!

Curl cream

I’ve honestly tried many “curl creams “ but this one is, the very best and absolutely true to its name. Thank you, for I, have found a cream that actually makes me feel good about my hair. It’s unbelievable!

Great scalp health

My scalp is refreshed. I do construction and I could smell the peppermint oil in the air and it was on my scalp. My friend said he could smell it too. He said he was wondering what the smell was. My hair feels amazing after I put it on my scalp. My hair already grows very fast but I know the results will be amazing.

Cool and tingling

I love the pomad. It is cool and tingling to my scalp. I think of it as a great leave in scalp conditioner, if you will. I use it mostly around my edges. It smooths my gray well.

Save Our Scalp Serum (S.O.S Serum)

SOS- I love it!

It smells good and if I use it daily on myself and my kids, I'll have to have a weekly subscription! A must buy! I will reorder again !


This oil is so moisturizing and it has helped grow my hair back in the places it’s short. Thank you!

Haitian Miracle

Loving the products and been a fan for over two years now and I have increased thickness due to the consistent use of the products. Thank you!

Awesome product

Awesome product


Waiting to see my results in one month!! Then I can
Give my review it smells great 😊!!!

Love these products

My hair is the healthiest it’s ever been. I love the leave in conditioners and the deep treatment masks in particular. The mousse is becoming a fav. Maximum hydration for my hair and the humectants make my hair less frizzy

Hair Gold!

I love wash day because of these two products! I have 4C hair and I usually have so many fairy knots
But they are minimal when using these two together. Highly recommend for my 4C girlies!

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