Kreyol Essence makes the most beautiful organic castor oil!

"Kreyol Essence makes the most beautiful organic castor oil I have ever used.
I was impressed from the very start with Yve-Car and her team.
We connected through the Clinton Foundation"

Barb Stegemann
Founder & CEO
The 7 Virtues Beauty Inc.



Maintain natural hair, promote hair growth, and nurture healthy skin.
Here a few ways to incorporate Haitian Black Castor Oil in your daily beauty routine.
  • When used on damp hair before drying, our new uber-lightweight oil adds volume and body and a lovely sheen to ho-hum hair.
  • A couple drops massaged throughout dry hair makes a super-hydrating pre-shampoo treatment, as well.
  • Massage onto an itchy scalp for instant relief.
  • Promote hair or beard growth by massaging Haitian Black Castor Oil directly on to your scalp or beard 2x-3x a week.
  • A curly girl favorite, our Haitian Black Castor Oil is the must-have gold standard for curls of all types and textures for anti-frizz, shine. It is also the perfect leave-in conditioner and overnight deep conditioning treatment. Gently comb our oil through damp hair and sleep with a shower cap to use your body’s own heat for an incredibly hydrated and healthy hair.
  • Repair split ends and damage from heat styling with a few drops rubbed into your palms and spread through your strands. When used as a finishing tool, it will glossify limp locks when smoothed over frazzled ends.
  • Known for it’s regenerative properties, Haitian Black Castor Oil aids in skin cell turnover, which imparts a radiant, youthful glow. Use our Haitian Black Castor Oil Light as a daily moisturizer to brighten a dry and dull complexion and plump up fine lines.
  • Massage a few drops of Haitian Black Castor Oil into freshly washed skin in a circular motion for a healthy, yoga-like glow.
  • Safe enough to use around the delicate area of the eyes, use it as a nighttime skin recovery treatment alone or when added to your nightly skincare moisturizer.
  • Deeply cleanse and exfoliate your delicate facial skin by mixing a few drops of our oil with a quarter of a cup of brown sugar to create your own skin refining mask at home. Tip - this blend can even be used as the ultimate foot mask for a pampering super smooth pedicure.
  • Stressed skin will soak up our Haitian Black Castor oil which is loaded with antioxidants and vitamin E which balances and calms sensitive flare ups caused by conditions like rosacea.
  • Use it as a treatment on problematic skin. It is amazingly healing for skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, newish scars, stretch marks, and cellulite. Massage a few drops onto the affected area, and behold its healing powers.
  • Reverse the signs of sun damage by adding a few drops to your nighttime moisturizer for a true serum like boost.
  • Bring down inflammation caused by a bug bite by rubbing in a drop or two of our oil. The high linoleic acid content helps to reduce inflammation.
  • The best treatment for razor bumps and burn, massage our Haitian Black Castor Oil onto the bikini line, leg and underarm area for skin as smooth as silk.
  • A deeply conditioning oil and an incredible full-body moisturizer, simply rub a couple drops of our Lavendar or Peppermint Haitian Black Castor Oil between hands and pat over damp skin after the shower.
  • The lavender and the peppermint blends double as a truly decadent bath soak after a long day at work or night out on the town. Our infused aromatherapy blends also make for a fabulous massage oil and are spiked natural anti-inflammatory powers, which help soothe sore muscles.

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If you want quality 👌

This oil is an experience, my scalp enjoyed it's smell, it's pour opening ability is unmatched. Simply stated it's the best Haitian Oil I've ever tired. Oh and the thicknesses of the oil is 👍 not heavy I have thin frizzy hair and my hair is not weighted down. I would and have recommended this product, my daughter who is station in Italy came home for a visit and she loves it. You will not regret it.

Hooked on the oil

I'll forever be a fan of the oil. I love how it moisturizes my hair. I normally purchase the chocolate vanilla scent, but I branched out and got the mango, papaya, & coconut and it smells soooo good.

Haitian Black Castor Oil: Original (2oz)

Did what it was supposed to do

The toner was good. It did what it was supposed to do, I just was not very enthusiastic about it because I did not like the smell. I usually use just rose water as my toner and that has been working fine for me. I would recommend it for those that are not picky about scents, because after all, it did work.

Castor Oil + Moringa Oil: Mr. Wonderful Oils of Haiti Bundle (2oz & 15ml)