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Intense Scalp + Grow Hair Care Set

$112.00 $102.00

Treat your scalp to this ultimate treatment of hair strengthening and repair

Our Scalp Care Shampoo and Conditioner is formulated with pure Haitian black castor oil and herbal ingredients and hydrolyzed keratin are designed to hydrate and strengthen hair while cleansing. The Scalp Care Pomad is perfect for styling and stimulating healthy hair growth from the scalp. Our Haitian Black Castor Oil encourages scalp circulation and promotes hair growth. It’s the perfect kit for healthy hair growth and renewal.

Set Includes: 

1. Scalp Care Shampoo 8oz

2. Scalp Care Conditioner 8oz

3. Haitian Black Castor Oil - Rosemary Mint, 2oz

4. Scalp Care Pomad Kreyol 4oz



Purity Pledge

Kreyòl Essence promises our eco-friendly formulations are made from pure and botanical ingredients. As a social business, we are maniacal about creating jobs, protecting Haiti’s environment and empowering women. We promise that every purchase you make will have a positive and direct impact.


Recommended Patch Test: Please do a patch test prior to use of products to ensure no sensitivity to 100% essential oils.

Patch testing is a method of testing a new product or a new ingredient to see if it will work for your unique skin.



Tribe Results

Natural and Dramatic

Eco-friendly formulations are made from pure and botanical ingredients

Cruelty freeCruelty free
Paraben freeParaben free
Sulfate freeSulfate free
Gluten freeGluten free
Cruelty free
Paraben free
Silicone free
Sulfate free
Gluten free

Customer Reviews

Based on 393 reviews
Love!! All natural

Been using those products from day one . Skin and hair. Love it!! 53 baby and all natural❤❤ Thank you!!


This was my first time ordering as it took me a min to do so. My decision came from all wonderful reviews that I took my time to read and just watch. I’m using 2 of the kits product on a regular as I have a protected style in now. The products smell so delicious. I can’t wait to see my progress. I will be back to give my update on what benefits I got from the products.

Intense Scalp set

This was my 1st order from this company and I have been very pleased with my overall results from their products. The only item in the set that didn't work well with my hair was the regular conditioner so 3 products out of 4 is still a winner in my book. The pomade is simply amazing my scalp and roots love it. The oil is extremely moisturizing and effective in preventing my hair from drying out. The shampoo is not drying and I love the tingling clean feeling it gives my scalp. Side note: my hair is low porosity so I also ordered the deep repair mask and this is definitely my new favorite my hair feels so soft after using with a hot cap for 20 mins and its super easy to detangle and it helps eliminates my hair forming knots during the entire wash process which has been a serious issue for me in the past.

Shalah O.
Works Like Magic

Y’all got a forever customer now! I’ve only used it for one month and my hair has definitely grown! My husband had some breakage and the whole set has his growing back as well. I love the smell of the shampoo and conditioner it makes me look forward to wash day lol! I can’t forget about the pomade I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!! I’ll be trying out the other products soon.

My hair love this product and so do I. Best product for my hair!

This is the only product that my hair seems to like. I have tried many products such as Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Hollywood hair bar, wild growth, I mean I have tried many. My hair feels and looks healthy that’s after the first wash the shampoo then deep conditioner then regular conditioner finally I mixed the castor oil in the pomad and grease the scalp. My hair has never felt so soft not to mention the texture. Finally found the product that works best on my hair. I was using just the castor oil but after using the whole haircare I fell in love and had to write this. You won’t understand nothing has never made my hair feel like this . Hope to give a monthly update today is May 31,2021. Let’s see how it grows then I will show before and after.

Natural with a purpose

Using sustainable sourcing to create a blueprint for out poverty alleviation goals.

300 Women Producers Employed
5,500 Farmers Employed
1,000,000 Castor Plants Cultivated
30,000 Households Impacted
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Let customers speak for us

55939 reviews

I enjoyed this oil. The fragrance was wonderful - I got compliments because of it. Next time, I will order a bigger bottle! Also, I have began to notice that my hair appears thicker since I started using it.

GREAT value & effective products

From the Cocktail Hour Massage & Body Oil to the Haitian Moringa Facial Cleanser to the ALWAYS reliable Haitian Castor Oil, this bundle had EVERYTHING you need to stay fresh and beautiful and smelling delicious.

Oils of Haiti Travel Kit - 5ml Oils

Just Right!

I loved my free sample of the Moringa oil. It's not too greasy and it mixes well with the natural oils on my face.

Mango & Moringa

These products leave my hair soft and smooth. The fragrance is light and refreshing.