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With the Experts at JCPenney Salons

ex·pert /ˈekˌspərt/: a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.

The salon experience is unlike any other, and the stylists we come to know and trust are our go-to experts for all things hair, but, in time, they easily become our friends, our family and our therapists, too!   So, we definitely know and appreciate what it means to be invited to be a part of that personal experience, surrounded by trust and loyalty.  In partnership with JCPenney Salons, Kreyòl Essence’s entire Haitian Black Castor Oil hair care line is now a part of this sacred space, alongside the masters of hair.

Our entire Long Hair, Don’t Care product line is infused with the unique Haitian Black Castor Oil, the key to optimal scalp care and hair health, through the fusion of powerfully nourishing, natural and clean ingredients that penetrate, nourish and protect hair that is dry, damaged, curly, kinky, coily and more!


Be sure to stop by your local JCPenney Salon and get their expert-level insight on all the amazing benefits these products can impart on your next cut, color, and style, and grab some on your way out and between appointments by visiting to keep your clean, healthy hair care journey moving on up!

Don’t forget – every purchase you make has a direct, global impact!  See the “About Us” section on to learn more.  Thank you for your support!


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I enjoyed this oil. The fragrance was wonderful - I got compliments because of it. Next time, I will order a bigger bottle! Also, I have began to notice that my hair appears thicker since I started using it.

GREAT value & effective products

From the Cocktail Hour Massage & Body Oil to the Haitian Moringa Facial Cleanser to the ALWAYS reliable Haitian Castor Oil, this bundle had EVERYTHING you need to stay fresh and beautiful and smelling delicious.

Oils of Haiti Travel Kit - 5ml Oils

Just Right!

I loved my free sample of the Moringa oil. It's not too greasy and it mixes well with the natural oils on my face.

Mango & Moringa

These products leave my hair soft and smooth. The fragrance is light and refreshing.