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As a beauty and wellness brand, we love educating our Tribe on different ways to boost their health and overall wellbeing. The practice of meditation improves beauty both internally and externally by reducing stress and fostering healthy behaviors.

In that spirit, join us tonight at 7pm ET, as @riva.nyri will be going live from the Kreyòl Essence Instagram account for an exclusive takeover focusing on meditation, the healing powers of lwa, and different ways to spiritually ground yourself. Benefits of meditation include: better focus, improved self-esteem, reduced stress, increased patience and tolerance, just to name a few. She will also use our Haitian Moringa Superglow Powder as part of her wellness session.

Riva’s practice is about elevating and preserving Caribbean culture, promoting wellness, facilitating healing, and offering ways to engage spirituality through her music and dance therapy.

Tune in tonight and find the method that works for you, Cherie!


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