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We recently asked our Tribe on Instagram what were some of their hair
concerns. One of the top answers received related to scalp scare especially dry, flaky
scalp and dandruff and while the two may sound alike, they are in fact, not the same. So
we're breaking down the difference between dandruff and a flaky scalp along
with expert-approved preventative tips to help you get back to a healthy and happy scalp! 

What causes dry/flaky scalp?

Dry scalp, simply put, is a hydration issue. How frequently you wash your hair,
the products you're using, your environment, and sun exposure can all play a factor
on why you're experiencing dry and flaky scalp. 

To avoid dryness, we recommend:

  • Using¬†moisture-based¬†styling products then¬†sealing in the moisture with a plant-based oil.¬†
  • Cut back on harsh chemicals, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances.¬†



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