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Taking care of thinning hair can seem like a challenge if you don’t know what’s causing it and how to properly remedy it once it starts. The good news is, there are several natural and simple solutions, regardless of the source. In this article we’ll explore some of the potential causes of thinning hair and how to naturally care for your hair and prevent shedding.


Potential Causes of Thinning Hair

Excess hair loss may be caused by environmental factors, hormones, genetics, diet, stress and particular habits.


1. Environmental Factors

Our hair follicles transition into the telogen phase when they experience drastic temperature shifts (i.e. high heat or raised air conditioners during summer or winter months), causing our hair to die and fall out. Other environmental factors may include exposure to UV rays leading to sun damage, or toxins in the air that weaken our hair health.


2. Hormones

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause or birth control pills all of which impact a woman’s hormones, can affect the thickness and health of her hair. However, both men and women can be affected by the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone which shrinks the hair follicles preventing new hair from growing in and causing many hair strands to fall out.


3. Genetics

Male pattern baldness, androgenic alopecia, or hair loss during menopause, can all be traced down to our genetics. The good news is there are habits and products we can use to protect our hair from excess shedding. -- More on that to come.


4. Diet

Vitamin A, B and C deficiencies are strongly linked to shedding hair. Similarly, if we are not supplying our bodies with sufficient protein, iron, silica, copper, zinc and sulfur, which directly influence our skin and hair, we can see the impact manifest in the form of hair loss.         


5. Stress

Stress, or chronic stress, negatively impact our immune system and overall health. Stress is often linked to hair loss, sleeplessness, change in appetite, heart problems and more.


6. Habits

Many of us have the habit of excessively touching or styling our hair, causing the hair to thin and fall. Excessive tugging, un-protective styles, dyes, and brushes can all lead to thinning hair.


How to Care for Thinning Hair and Reduce Shedding

Even minor changes to your diet and washing and styling habits can go a long way. See below, for our suggestions.


Select the “right” Hair Care and Hair Styling products

Avoid products that contain Parabens, Silicones, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Mineral oils, Isopropyl alcohol, Phthalates, and Hexachlorophene. Just to name a few!

For example, a safe and effective shampoo like our Haitian Black Castor Oil Scalp Care Shampoo which includes a unique blend of essential oils like Ylang-Ylang and Peppermint oil which harmoniously work together to cleanse and stimulate the scalp, creates an optimal environment to produce stronger, softer, more voluminous hair.  Using products that nurture the scalp and reinforce the hair is a winning combination.


Be aware of how you’re Styling your Hair

Avoid aggressively combing or pulling back the hair, especially when wet – when the hair is most fragile.  Also avoid adding color, hair extensions and chemically treating the hair in order to alleviate any noted excessive shedding.

Some alternative solutions include:

  1. Using Henna dyes
  2. Avoiding excess heat when drying and styling
  3. Using looser and lighter styles that don't stress the hairline.


Make use of Hair treatments

Hair treatments that utilize natural ingredients like black castor oil, moringa oil, argan oil, and vitamin E, all work to soften and strengthen the hair and root. One great option to fortify hair is our Haitian Black Castor Oil: Reduce Shed + Repair Hair Mask which was professionally designed with the health of your scalp and hair in mind.    Follow up with our Superfood Moringa Styling Products to secure that healthy base and nourishing effort.


Eat nutritiously

Add ingredients like quinoa, fish, seeds, nuts, raw vegetables, leafy greens, and legumes to your daily diet which contain a healthy amount of protein, iron, zinc, essential vitamins and minerals. Nutritious ingredients help circulate the necessary vitamins and minerals to your scalp and hair, adding volume and life to your strands.


Incorporate Herbal options for hair growth

Adding herbs like Gotu Kola, Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba and or our Haitian Moringa , which are widely known as superfoods, will give the body a nutrition-boost and help create stronger and voluminous hair.  



No matter what the cause of thinning hair might be, from genetics to habits, the ingredients we use on our hair and put into our bodies can have a major impact.  As a great first step to boost new growth naturally treat your hair to our Hair Vitamin & Hair Loss Treatment with Castor Oil + Moringa Supplement Kit. This way you can lovingly look after your hair and your entire self all at once!

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