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Tip 1:

Healthy hair starts at the scalp. If you want your hair to grow and behave, you need to start at the root (pun intended). Here's our take on whipping your hair into shape this time of year.


Start your hair routine off right with our Haitian Black Castor Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. Combine the magic of our growth-encouraging duo with a good protein conditioner such as Aveda Damage Remedy Restructuring Treatment to strengthen  damaged hair . This tip works for all hair types and will help alleviate winter scalp issues and severe hair breakage. Read below for pre-poo tip!

Our pure Haitian Black Castor Oil (HBCO) is incredibly effective at getting your scalp in tip-top shape. The ricinoleic acid, found only in HBCO at up to 90%,  fights a hormone called DHT which causes hair loss. The vitamin E in HBCO will soften hair and seal moisture. Use the oil as a pre- wash treatment: Use 4-5 filled droppers of oil all over scalp and hair and leave in for 30 minutes to overnight before washing.  You can use 1-3 filled droppers for the scalp and ends of hair before styling depending on hair texture.



Tip 2:

Get glowy and bright with these holiday makeup tricks. You’ll be glowing brighter than a Christmas tree.  We hope you’re ready to steal some shine from those decorations.


Dry, dull skin can leave makeup looking flat and flaky. Up your glow by mixing our Haitian Moringa Oil into your foundation for a beautiful, all over radiance.  1-2 drops is all you need! You can also use the moringa oil as a primer and highlighter for a focused effect-- HELLO cheekbones! The Vitamin C, Oleic Acid, and Vitamins in Moringa  are what we call "skin food". Deeply hydrate the skin without the grease, and encourage that glow well past the holiday season. Read our glowing reviews (we had to use the pun!)


Holiday makeup is a great excuse to add dramatic shimmer & shine to the eyes. Make a statement by adding our Moringa oil into your favorite eye shadow, creating a POP effect to your lids. Our anti-aging properties & Vitamin C will keep your lids hydrated and smooth. Oh, and if you're looking to take makeup off  naturally, try our ultra moisturizing Haitian Moringa Oil Cleanser. For a full face beat, we recommend adding our Black Castor Oil to a cotton ball and removing the first layer of makeup before washing your face.



Tip 3:

Dry, brittle hair is never going to yield those styling results you’re looking for. To achieve the holiday styles you’ve been wanting to rock (we love this video in the office), start with these easy tips below bought to you by your fellow #ketribe members.


Apply a quarter size of our Goat + Coconut Growth Hair Milk to your hair after washing and don't forget your ends . The nutrient rich goat milk combined with unrefined shea butter, Haitian black castor oil , ylang-ylang, and coconut oil leaves the hair soft and manageable, yielding styles that are easy to create and are frizz free.

Use our hair milk to also twist hair, as a heat protectant, to freshen up day 2 or 3 curls, or as a gel alternative for looser curls. (Kinky Curly friends, we are working on a gel alternative for you too)


Once your style is complete, use our Haitian Pomade to keep the edges under control or to add shine to hair. Its incredible ingredients (Haitian Castor Oil, Haitian Aloe Vera, Haitian Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Charcoal and Haitian Pine nut oil) will also help to promote strong, luscious locks over time. Our number #2 hair product used by men and women  (#1 is our black castor oil of course :)




Tip 4:

Some of our most troubling (even painful) skin conditions can be worsened in the winter.  The winter can exacerbate razor burn, Eczema, Psoriasis, Stretch marks, Rosacea, and even bug bites! You can utilize our whipped butters, cremes, and oils for your body.  These items also make a great gifts. Who does not want soft hands and body? Our Haitian Creme's + Haitian Black Castor Oils are our best sellers on TV!


Draw a warm bath and add  3-6 full droppers of our Haitian Black Castor Oil(We suggest Lavender Hibiscus  Castor Oil & a Candle from Viktor & Rolf) . To keep the vibes going and your body soft and glowing apply our Haitian Hand and Body cream in French Lavender all over.

In case you prefer to escape to the Caribbean, try our award nominated Haitian Body Creme in Cafe Au Lait, Mango Papaya Coconut Rhum Punch, and/or Vetiver.  You can mix them all!



For  those dealing with extreme dryness including Eczema & Psorasis,  Haitian Shea Butter  is what the Dr. prescribed. This rich butter with skin-loving ingredients  can also be used to twist and seal hair moisture. Our clean ingredients (Haitian Black Castor Oil, Nettle and Calendula,  Haitian Shea Butter and essential oils ) makes this multitasking butter a gem to have in your home this winter. Great for the entire family.

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