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You know it’s time for an Ulta splurge when something that just launched has already sold out. Per usual, there are too many new products that I have the budget for making their debut this month and the options touch literally every part of my routine, from hair cleansing to everyday makeup to body illumination, because self-tanner season has officially arrived. And of course, some brands are being sold in Ulta for the first time ever, making it even harder to keep our total purchase under a budget-friendly number.

I’ve also realized that most of the standout drops are pink. Like literally pink. More specifically, that millennial pink shade everyone “swore off” back in 2019 because it had become outdated and overused. I think we’re still just a little attached, even more so because it’s a color that just screams spring, along with other pastel shades we tend to gravitate toward as the warm weather makes an inevitable return. But if that weren’t enough, these pink products aren’t just nice to look at: they’re actually useful too. Personally, I’m most excited about Benefit’s Cheek Stars palette, frank body’s rose gold body scrub and the entire Authentic Beauty Concept range—I’m a sucker for minimalist packaging and vegan formulas.

But that’s just me. Chances are something else may catch your eye, like the very on-trend bridal hairpin set that’s already sold out. Keep scrolling to see the buzziest new products already on Ulta shelves or coming soon.


Kreyol Essence Haitian Black Castor Oil-Rosemary Mint

Castor oil is one of the most popular growth ingredients for natural hair and this brand’s 100% Haitian formula is combined with other stimulating ingredients to boost and accelerate the process.

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Excellent. Smells great too and it feels amazing. Very smooth and light.


The best thing ever!!!!My skin loved it!


excellent product despite original smell.

Amazing Product!

This is just what I have been looking for! This bar is everything you hope and want in a quality product! Hits all my check points. Fabulous product and I will be back for more! My skin is like silk after using!! Thank you ❤

Dynamic Duo!

I’m in love with this duo! The face cleanser leaves my face clean and bright, and the smell is amazing. I then top off with the oil to give my face the moisture it needs. This is my nighttime ritual! LOVE!