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Kreyòl Essence is honored to be the first guest on QVC’s premiere show of “Shades of Beautiful”

On August 24th, 2021 Kreyòl Essence was honored to be the first guest ever on QVC’s premiere show of “Shades of Beautiful” hosted by the amazing Jayne Brown alongside Vanessa Herring who chatted live with guests throughout the show (on Jayne Brown’s Facebook page).  The show focused on “a special curation of brands and products developed specifically for customers of color AND beauty products created by people of color.  As Jayne explained, “this show is about all of us and seeing us and seeing you and knowing that you can go to QVC as your beauty headquarter for products that were curated just for you.”

Presenting our clean and natural beauty products from Haiti (with our Kreyol Essence Moisturizing Hair Milk and Castor Oil Set - on “Shades of Beautiful” was the perfect culmination of our brand message and mission, “natural with a purpose.”  In partnership with QVC, we can expand on providing access to wellness based beauty products to historically underserved communities. A recent study found that 80% of products geared towards black women had harmful ingredients in them. Our nutrient-dense product formulations really work while promoting health and wellness, especially for those with dry or damaged hair and skin.

Addressing the needs of different hair types, styles and concerns, as we did on the show, illustrates our desire to create a product that helps as many people as possible through the benefits these products deliver, utilizing plants, vitamins and minerals to impart strength, moisture, protection, and shine.  Furthermore, these products are multi-purpose, offering versatility of use and effect – i.e. the HBCO can be used on hair, scalp and skin and whether you want to wear your hair natural or styled, we provide products formulated with the perfect cocktail of ingredients to get your hair (and skin) looking and feeling its best!

Get your kits now at Kreyol Essence - on* and watch the live tapings to learn more about how Kreyòl Essence will help give your healthy hair and skin care journey the nutrient boost it needs and deserves!

* In light of the recent earthquake in Haiti, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to assist with the critical work being done to save the lives of thousands of Haitians.  We thank you for your continued support.

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