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Knotless braids are such a spring and summer move. There’s just something about that warm weather that begs for the lightweight, easy-to-maintain protective style. If you’re ready to switch up the standard knotless braid look for summer 2022, hairstylist Sade Dorsey has conceptualized the perfect style for you on this week’s episode of The Braid Up. Heart-shaped hair parts level these braids allllll the way up. “I incorporated the hearts because I wanted to give the style a little bit more of a pop,” says Dorsey. “Everyone likes hearts, and I didn’t want the parts to be basic!” IDK about you, but I couldn’t agree more. Ahead, four must-know tips for making “Knot Just a Heart Braids” your new summertime style reality.


1. Moisturize your scalp. Moisture is a must for a healthy scalp and head of hair. That’s why it’s essential to apply an oil—like argan oil or jojoba oil—to your scalp regularly if you want to curb flakiness and irritation.

2. Part like pro. To create the signature parts in this style, Dorsey suggests the back-to-front strategy. “I always start in the back, and then work my way to the front.” A metal rat tail comb is the best tool for making the parts clean and precise, she says.

3. Make mousse your friend. Finishing mousse shouldn’t just be the final step at the salon. Once your style starts looking a bit *too* lived in, you can use some mousse at home to zhuzh it back up. Pat a dollop of mousse through your braids before wrapping them with a silk scarf at night.

4. Play with color. Since you’ll be adding extensions to your hair to create this style, now’s the time to try out new colors! Adding a pack of braiding hair that departs from your typical color choice is so low risk, yet so high reward.


Hair: In collaboration with Stasha Harris of Magic Fingers Studio
Makeup: Ashley Johnson
Videographer: Rob Mroczko
Production assistant: Jay Aguirre
Director of digital series: Tara O’Connell


Source Article: Cosmopolitan

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