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If you do even the tiniest bit of digging around the internet for ways to get longer, thicker hair, you'll def see tips about castor oil for hair growth come up. This hair oil isn't the slightest bit new (castor oil is a centuries-old hair treatment and a longtime favorite Jamaican beauty remedy), and it's one of those ingredients that's solidified its status as a staple in many haircare routines. And it makes sense why: Castor oil is easy to apply, affordable, accessible, and surprisingly beneficial for your hair and scalp.

That said, even the very best products and ingredients have their limits. Although (spoiler alert!) castor oil might not be the hair-growth miracle you're searching for, it still has its place and deserves a spot in your hair regimen. We gathered all the best advice and insight from dermatologists, trichologists, hairstylists, and even an ophthalmologist and eyelash expert to find out the best ways to use castor oil for the most benefit and figure out if it actually can help you grow longer hair. Wanna know what we learned? Keep scrolling.

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