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Sometimes mishaps do not just make people unhappy. If thousands of people are ripped up forever, others have taken advantage of the calamities to start a story that will become an inspiration for the greatest number.

Yve-Car Momperousse is the founder and CEO of Kreyòl Essence, a company specializing in the production and sale of natural products for hair, skin and aromatherapy products.

"In 2008, I went to a beauty studio in the United States to iron my hair. Because of a temperature too high, I lost all my hair, "says the young entrepreneur, eyes beaming with light.

Reflecting, I remembered my mother who often used oil palma-christi (Lwil maskriti, Creole) to heal my hair, she adds.

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The Real Deal

My hair and skin love this oil. I am Jamaican and my hair responds better to this oil than black Jamaican castor oil.

Smells Heavenly

I work in a predominately male office, literally, I am the only female in the office. And everyone says oh my god, whatever you’re wearing it smells amazing!!! It’s literally just lotion... thank You Kreol Essence!!!!


I love this product! I will definitely recommend it to my friends

HBCO oil

Love it . Can get a enough it.

Haitian Black Castor Oil Growth Conditioner

Excellent product
keeps my hair soft and moisturized