Philippe Rudy Apollon recently joined Kreyol Essence as Operations Manager. He leads KE’s Haiti Operations team, overseeing the country office, production facilities and field activities with sound leadership. He manages through adequate logistic coordination and resources, extensive planning and organizational procedures to effectuate KE ground implementation and follow-up with local staff, partners and suppliers to ensure high quality standard in sourcing materials for KE products throughout all supply chain stages from the field (plantation), manufacturing and shipment before retail distribution and sale.    

Philippe brings with him a broad array of experience as an entrepreneur and a professional with background in finance and a strong emphasis in management and administration proven within the business and professional circles in Haiti over the course of 23 years. With his passion for business, his keen and deep knowledge of the reality of rural Haiti, he is contributing to expand KE’s field production footprint and relationship management with partners and suppliers.

Recently between 20010 and 2014, Philippe successfully handled countrywide field administration, management planning and logistic deployments at Fonkoze- the largest microfinance institution in Haiti with 42+ branches scattered across all 10 departments/provinces – and the Haiti Civil Registry and ID Modernization (HCRIM) program- a $53M cooperative Venezuelo-Haitian Initiative to modernize IT infrastructure and delivery of public services for Haiti’s National Identification Agency (ONI).

Philippe holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics (Finance concentration) from St John’s University in the US. From his earlier college years, as President of the Haitian Student Association at St John’s, he has been socially motivated and continues to be actively involved within civil society, professional and farming sectors in Haiti and progresses his enthusiasm to promote Haiti’s natural products.          

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