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In Haiti, wellness is part of every aspect of life. Herbs and plants
are used to promote beauty and health including sexual wellness.

We love that science is catching up with what was once considered
folklore medicine. How does Moringa help with sexual wellness? In
short- Blood Flow in sexual organs for women and men.

Studies have found Moringa to be a performance enhancer and an
aphrodisiac. Try our seeds in salads, food, and crush them in your

Stress Reducer

❤️ Moringa reduces the stress hormone that causes male organ
dysfunction. Consuming Moringa regularly can reduce this stress
and increase sensual desire and 🍆 function.


❤️ Moringa contains saponins, the chemical compound that
enhances drive and levels of the hormone testosterone.

Vitamin D

❤️ Moringa nourishes, revitalizes and brings strength to the entire
body. It contains high levels of vitamins essential for arousal.
Supplying the body with a sufficient amount of Vitamin D has
positive effects on testosterone levels.

Vitamin C

❤️ Moringa contains vitamin C (7x the amount in oranges) which
creates circulation and increases blood flow in male and female organs.

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I love it!

This is amazing. As a Haitian growing up, my parents always had a bottle of castor oil in the closet. This reminds me of what we used when we were kids!

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