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Soothe Your Scalp

Pomad Kreyòl Natural Scalp Treatment

Soothe and cleanse your scalp with our all-natural Haitian pomade infused with cleansing charcoal.

When your scalp is overloaded with product buildup and dead skin cells, it is more difficult for your follicles to function and thrive the way they should.

The best secret weapon to restore your scalp and hair is to use a cleansing product containing activated charcoal.

Unlock Activated Charcoal Benefits for Your Hair and Scalp

Perfect for all hair types—oily or dry, fine or coarse, curly or straight— the benefits of activated charcoal can help heal, cleanse and restore your hair & scalp.

  • Increased Volume: Free your hair from the excess oils and buildup that can weigh it down—especially if you have fine or thin hair. Activated charcoal treatments can make your hair bouncy and voluminous again.

  • Smoother, Shinier: The ultimate clean you'll experience after using activated charcoal will reveal the smooth, shiny hair that was hidden by impurities.

  • Less Itching and Irritation: When activated charcoal removes and washes away built-up, irritating toxins from your scalp, your skin will feel healthier and cleaner.

  • Reduced Flaking: Dandruff or other buildups can break free from your scalp in the form of white flakes. Activated charcoal dissolves and clears away buildup before it becomes an unsightly problem.

  • Unclog Follicles: Buildup may also accumulate over the opening of your hair follicles, causing discomfort and temporary hair loss. Regular activated charcoal use can soothe your scalp and clear the way for unobstructed follicle function.

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Pomad Kreyòl: Natural Scalp Treatment (4oz)

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Great soap!

Love the lather and it smells great!

Daymond's So Clean Cleansing Soap Bar + Hand Sanitizer Set

The cannot go wrong with any of the mango, coconut and papaya scented products on this web shop. The hand sanitizer smells sooooo good tho! Oh, the aloe and vitamin are a plus. This set is my little secret so do not tell anyone else about it!

Love it

I love this castor oil. I only wish it was bigger. I feel like I go through it really fast.