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I love this product!

I love this product. My Edges was very thin I'm on my second bottle... My hair has grown I will recommend this product to anyone!

Curl help

I have new curls following chemo. I bought this after searching mousse on the Yuka app. I saw mango and was excited. Sadly, what I received says nothing about mango. The scent is a strong floral that reminds me of Lily of the Valley. I dislike strong scents that aren't citrus/fruit or mint. Thankfully the scent fades and I don't notice it after a while. I do think it helps to make my curls more manageable, better shaped, and less frizzy. I think it does a decent job, but not sure why it says new! Mango? I'm not understanding the connection.

Seeing the growth in my thin area of my hair. It’s magical❤️

Haitian Moringa hair / Pineapple Rhum Punch

This product is officially my new face mask and go to when adding that extra hair growth to my day to day health and healthy hair plan. I recommend this product.

Best products ever

I love how this product made my hair feel soft and thicker

The best brand!

I am truly in awe of this brand. I started with the shampoo, conditioner and black castor oil bundle package which also had the hair vitamins. After first use my once dull, dry hair was revived! My hair was like where have you been all my life! Thinning spots are now filling in after a couple of weeks. I ordered more products the face cleanser and moringa oil. Amazing! doesn't clog my pores and hydrates and softens skin.

Haitian Black Castor Oil: Original (2oz)

For the last few years as my hairline grew gray, it became more course and started to thin out. I prefer natural remedies so I tried several hair growth and repair oils and finally found kreyol Essence, their products worked for me. Their Castor Oil along with their Natural Scalp Balm not only calmed and filled in my course gray hairline, I've grown my original color Dark Brown "baby hairs" filling in the thin spots in my hairline.
This was also shocking to me because my thinning hair line was totally GRAY !
These are true miracle working products, I've shown these results to friends and family who are also amazed.... Dark Brown baby hair.... So I started using the Castor Oil on my lifelong half eyebrows, guess what's happening.

I love the tingle...

I'm using this oil for scalp messages. I just started so no results yet. But what I can say is the oil smells like fresh peppermint and rosemary. Can't wait for the results.!

Excellent Product!!!

Ever since I have been using Kreyol Essence my hair has grown and my scalp has been properly moisturized. Almost no dandruff. I’m hooked! Thank you for this fantastic product!

The best of the best

This product has my chocolate skin glowing on a new level. I love this product.

So far! So good!

Been using the hair oil on my scalp and skin for the past two weeks and I must say that it keeps them moisturized. I am waiting for a full month to see how much growth I can see. Will definitely re-order.

it's giving crystal clear SKINNN baby!

When I first bought this product, I thought it wasn't going to be that good at first but it has been keeping my skin clear so much lately! I've had people asking me what I be using for my skin cause I swear ever since I started adding this moringa powder into a cup of cold water and drinking it every day, it's been a game changer! I haven't seen any results in hair growth yet but I'll see as time goes on. Overall, I recommend buying this!

Oil and Pomade

First time trying Kreyol oil and pomade. From the first time I used them I saw great results. The packaging is also great.

Pomad black color goodness

Amazing my hair dances of joy as soon as I apply this pomad she loves it here

The Best I’ve Ever Had

This product is phenomenal the best I’ve ever had. I’m a happy customer I’ve tried numerous of products but I am finished with that this will be all I ever use. It has done wonders in such a short time I can’t to see years of growth from the product!

Love it

This is the best product by far. I love the smell and the effect that it has on the hair and scalp. The tingling sensation is to die for.

Hair oil and Hair Mask

I love these products! It’s like my hair came back to life.

Best product

This product has really helped with my hair growth. I always had trouble with random bald spots around my head. But after using these product, they are all gone. I have a full set of hair!!! I highly recommend it!

Smells wonderful

I love the smell and I’m seeing small levels of progress with hair growth around my edges

Buy 2, Get 1 FREE - Haitian Black Castor Oil Bundle


I been purchasing your product for my sister . She overcame bone cancer and still fighting every day. Her hair started falling out in the front after her recovery. Which your products gave her hope because her hair is starting to come back and fine strains but it brings a smile to here face to see it starting to come in after trying different products your work . Thank you

Fresh and beautiful

Thick and lathers well. I love the scent and vibes. I feel fresh ans beautiful when using this. My main drive to order was that the ingredients are truly natural.

Magic for my hair!!

I have a habit of trying a my wife's face or hair products every time she brings something new home. After trying her Kreyol Essence shampoo and rosemary mint Haitian Black Castor oil, I knew I was going to be a customer for life. As I've gotten older I've developed a routine for my hair health: Laser cap, vitamins, scalp massages... nothing pays better dividends to my hair thickness and health than Kreyol Essence products! I love you guys!!

Love it

Great Product smells wonderful ❤️❤️❤️

Castro oil

Great, my hair has grown so much.

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