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Growing up, “there was no La Mer” for Rajni Jacques. “I’m Caribbean — I’m Haitian — and there’s so many old-school things that we would do for beauty. It wasn’t necessarily about buying things,” the Allure fashion and creative director remembers. “Maybe you would use cornmeal with castor oil and put it on your face. Or for hair, my mom would make a concoction of eggs and avocado and put it in the hair and put me under one of those salon-style hair dryers. Cleaning your face was done with — I know it’s gonna sound so harsh — Ivory soap. All the beauty regimens that we had were super simple.” It wasn’t until college that Jacques was introduced to different beauty routines and products, and though she says she’s more prone to “organic” ingredients as a result of her upbringing, she’s open to trying everything. “If there’s something that works, bet. I don’t shun anything out.”

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