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Naturally Curly Kreyol Essence

"Originating in Abyssinia, castor beans did not arrive in the Americas until the Portuguese brought slaves to Brazil.  Castor oil then traveled to Haiti in 1625 where it became the universal cure-all known as lwil maskriti. Although castor eventually made it to Jamaica, the British did not catch on to palma christi oil until 1764. Therefore, the tradition of using black castor oil is at least 100 years older in Haiti than it is in Jamaica."

Naturally Curly, reminds us the we've been processing Black Castor Oil for 100 years longer than any other country! We take pride and honor in our heritage. 

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I enjoyed this oil. The fragrance was wonderful - I got compliments because of it. Next time, I will order a bigger bottle! Also, I have began to notice that my hair appears thicker since I started using it.

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From the Cocktail Hour Massage & Body Oil to the Haitian Moringa Facial Cleanser to the ALWAYS reliable Haitian Castor Oil, this bundle had EVERYTHING you need to stay fresh and beautiful and smelling delicious.

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I loved my free sample of the Moringa oil. It's not too greasy and it mixes well with the natural oils on my face.

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These products leave my hair soft and smooth. The fragrance is light and refreshing.