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With the right environment and weather, frizz comes for us all. And it's certainly not fun to try to ease the flyaways just after you've got your curls perfectly coiled or strands slick straight. That's why there are just so many frizz-fighting products out there: It seems everyone's trying their best to tame hair (especially right now in the summer humidity). And while a good chunk of the market is technically styling products, shampoos play a huge role in frizz prevention.

To explain why, a lesson in hair: The outermost layer of the strand is the cuticle, or scales of dead cells that lie atop each other like shingles on a roof. These cuticles can be lifted up or sealed down. When they are lifted, hair appears frizzy; when they are flat, hair is smoother. Shampoos have the impressive ability to blast open the cuticle—and if you get one that is too strong or not buffered with hydrating actives, you run the risk of lifting the cuticle too much and thereby impeding your chances of sealing it later.

The solution? Get a moisturizing shampoo designed for frizz. So simple, so effective.


Kreyol Essence Haitian Black Castor Scalp Care Moisturizing Shampoo

This deeply hydrating option contains Haitian black castor oil, a nutrient-dense oil that masterfully tends to dry strands. It's also formulated with cocoa butter and plantain for softening and anti-inflammatory properties (the former, good for the hair; the latter, good for the scalp). It's topped off with ylang-ylang, sweet orange, and peppermint to stimulate the scalp.


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