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For some women, having a bad hair day can lead to many other problems.

If you listen to Yve-Car Momperousse, there cannot have been many who have experienced worse than she after a trip to a hair stylist about seven years ago.

“I called it a hair catastrophe,” said Momperousse, who has managed several nonprofits in three states including Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. “I had been growing my hair naturally, and I went to a hairdresser and asked to have my hair pressed. The hairdresser decided to use a lot of heat to straighten my hair and burned me badly.”

Momperousse said she turned to her mother back in Haiti for a remedy, as she had done with countless other ailments. Her mother reached for old reliable, Haitian Black Castor Oil. That’s when Momperousse decided to start Kreyol Essence, a company that creates skin and hair care products based on Haitian traditions.

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