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What’s in My Weekend Bag to…Brooklyn

New York City smells like a lot of things—the dim sum as you’re sauntering down Doyers Street on a lazy Sunday, the soft perfume of woodland azaleas springing up around Little Island, the pleasant brininess of the breeze coming off the beach in Dumbo—but for clean skin-care founder Asia Grant, it has a distinct signature scent. “Summer in the city smells like warmth, scandal, and mischief,” says the Philadelphia-based Grant, who was living in Brooklyn when she dreamed up Redoux—a gorgeous line of botanical skin care and candles—with her college best friend and cofounder, Alejandro Cuevas. “That’s what we try to capture in our scents. We started the line because scent is such a powerful way to remember beautiful moments and places—it’s storytelling.”

Indeed, anyone who picks up the brand’s chunky turmeric body soap is almost instantly obsessed with its fresh bergamot-geranium-ginger fragrance, which blooms beautifully in a steamy shower. (The milky, coral-colored bar also lathers like a dream, leaving skin plumped and pampered, and the bar itself lasts and lasts.)

When she’s headed back to Brooklyn for a visit, Grant doubles down on turmeric, packing both the soap and a turmeric latte powder, along with a full bath routine, easy glow-boosting skin care, and lots of shoes. Here, her packing list—plus her can’t-miss places.



“My hairstylist is Shelby Samaria—she’s such a Brooklyn It girl. Her appointments book up faster than clothing drops, and she’s the global styling director of Bread hair care. She has me on a pretty strict hair regimen of hydrating products and oils, so I bring leave-in cream for shine, detangling mist, argan oil (a pea-size amount smooths my whole head, and I also use it on my cuticles), and a Mason Pearson brush to distribute some of the oil from my scalp to my dry ends.”


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