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The clean and ethical beauty movement has garnered plenty of traction in recent years, fuelled by a plethora of environmental, societal, business and consumer factors, and CosmeticsDesign-Europe has been tracking this movement closely for some time.

Last year, we ran an exclusive Clean & Ethical Beauty video series with CosmeticsDesign and CosmeticsDesign-Asia that featured six 30-minute episodes focused on the core areas in this important topic: Why it Matters – Behind the Brands – In the Lab – Getting the Message Right – From Farm to Face – and Brainstorming the Future.

As the clean and ethical beauty movement continues to gain momentum, we look back at the important takeaways from all the experts who participated in our series.


1. Clean & Ethical Beauty matters – consumers care and businesses can flourish

In our opening episode, we heard from Chris Sherwin, director of reboot innovation (now sustainability innovation and circular design consultant at PA Consulting), and Lia Neophytou, consumer analyst at GlobalData, about why the clean and ethical beauty movement mattered.

“Consumers do have this more holistic sense of their health and their wellbeing, and they do consider factors like sustainability and how ethical a product is really as contributing to their feeling of personal wellness,” Neophytou said.

“So, I think clean and ethical – the whole beauty movement – matters now more to them more than ever because feeling healthy is no longer about simply the foods that they eat or the beverages they drink; they’re really concerned about the products that they’re putting on their skin as well and the broader environmental implications of these,” she said.

“Historically, two decades ago, the business case for clean, green and ethical was a reputational and risk one (…) I think it evolved then into a cost and efficiency case where economy equals ecology and green could save you money; saving waste and being efficient. But I think in the last five years or so, what we’ve seen is a really strong growth case come through. And I think that’s quite a new one and, of course, really alluring to brands.”

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