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We are so excited that Adrienne Eliza Houghton, 3LW start, The Cheetah Girls member, and now The Real Daytime Show Host, has joined the KE tribe!

A few months ago, Adrienne’s Papi (Dad) educated her on the health benefits of Moringa and she was sharing this family tradition on The Real Daytime Show.

Naturally, we had to send Adrienne our Pineapple-infused Moringa Powder to try. We are happy to announce she loved it! In the words of Adrienne, "it has changed my life… I am obsessed"!

Haitian Moringa Hair & Skin Vitamin Powders are the most natural way to get the nutrients needed for healthy hair and skin while boosting your immune system. How many hair and skin vitamins can do that?

Interested in joining Adrienne in trying our Moringa Hair and Skin Vitamin? Use code "Adrienne" for 15% off our Haitian Moringa Powders & Skincare this week (Non Bundled Items Only.)

P.S. Supporting Haiti means sharing information about products made in country that support the producers. Lets take care of ourselves and others globally.

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