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If you've noticed a few extra strands in your brush lately, you might be wondering if it's just the usual shedding or something that needs more attention.

We're here to help clear up any uncertainties with some easy, at-home tests to assess your hair's health. Let’s quickly determine what’s normal and what might need a closer look.


Test Yourself in Minutes

The Hair Pull Test

Step 1: Lightly hold about 60-100 strands between your thumb and forefinger.

Step 2: Tug gently, pulling the hair away from the scalp, then run your fingers through.

Step 3: Repeat with different sections of hair. Typically, losing 2-5 hairs is normal; more could indicate hair loss.

The Comb Test

Step 1: Position yourself over a bright cloth or towel and comb your hair vigorously for one minute.

Step 2: Collect and count any fallen hairs from the comb and fabric.

Step 3: Normal shedding ranges from 1-10 hairs. If you count more, your hair might be shedding excessively.


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