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While we all know that the winter climate has an effect on our hair and skin, the outdoor temperatures are certainly not the only factors that can cause them to feel dry, itchy and brittle.  Believe or it not, even our winter hats, scarves, sweaters and heaters contribute to the loss of moisture from our hair and skin.

In this article we will note some of the best, natural remedies for retaining that moisture during Winter’s cooler and dryer months.  

Changes in season, require changes in routines, too!


Here are our top recommendations for catering to your hair and skin’s unique needs this Winter:


1. Use Moisturizing (Non-Stripping) Cleansers – for Hair and Skin 

Shampoo| Co-Wash

Shampoos like our Haitian Black Castor Oil: Scalp Care Shampoo made with natural ingredients that will provide cleansing and nourishment without stripping your scalp and strands is a must. Most shampoos employ harsh chemicals so always opt for natural!

Also, look to reduce the amount of washing that you do during these months.

Opting for co-washing whenever possible to provide a gentle cleanse between washes.  A great option is our Haitian Moringa Oil: "Drench Me" Co-Wash  which will remove build-up while the multi-fruit super food complex (which includes pure Haitian Moringa, Coconut, Papaya, Mango, and Baobab) will feed your strands with so much moisture and nutrients, leaving your hair detangled and clean without stripping moisture



Cleanse | Tone | Mask with the RIGHT Ingredients

When selecting your Winter skin care products, it’s similarly important to look for items that will be non-stripping yet efficient.  Our Haitian Moringa Skin Care line provides the perfect balance of detoxifying, cleansing and moisturizing through the natural benefits of it’s carefully selected ingredients.  All items have simple, clean ingredients but with potent results to get your skin glowing like Jada’s!



2. Use a Deep Conditioning Hair Mask | Hot Oil Treatment

Deep conditioning treatments are essential to replenishing the increased loss in moisture and nutrients, but carefully selecting products and ingredients that can deeply penetrate into the hair cuticle and retain the moisture within the hair is needed for long-lasting benefits and overall hair health. Kreyol Essence's Deep Conditioning Hair Mask is a great option, curated with deeply penetrating ingredients like Argan Oil, Safflower oil and pure Haitian Black Castor Oil, a powerful sealant, to ensure you nourish, repair, and protect.  Similarly, all of our Haitian Black Castor Oils can be used as deep-conditioning treatments, or hot oil treatments (depending on your hair type and needs – the length of time on hair will vary).  They can even be added to your shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer or bath as a booster!



3. Incorporate Rich Oils and Butters – for Hair and Skin

Choosing natural anti-humectant oils, serums or butters will protect your hair and skin from losing moisture during the dryer months. Black Castor Seed Oil, Shea Butter, jojoba Oil, and olive oil are all natural anti-humectants that keep the hair and skin soft and strong after washing or moisturizing.  At Kreyol Essence, we infuse these ingredients our products to assure your hair, skin, and body are infused with the best that nature has to offer.  It’s especially important to include an anti-humectant in your winter skin and hair care routine, to prevent all that moisture from escaping. Kreyol Essences’ Haitian Shea Butter, enriched with Haitian Black Castor Oil will seal in that needed moisture from your roots to your toes!

To give your skin and body a boost, check out our full line of Body Care items to get your skin feeling silky smoooooth. We ‘ve added some great new body serums, oils, and washes!



4. Invest in a Humidifier

A humidifier is one of the easiest and quickest ways to balance out all that dry heat blasting through our homes and offices during the winter months.  It works by adding humidity (moisture) back into the air, so as you are in that shared environment you will be effortlessly absorbing that much-needed moisture back into your hair and skin, simply by existing!  Some humidifiers even have the options to add in essential oils so that you can also absorb those added benefits! Check out this article for some suggested options: 14 Best Humidifiers 2021 | The Strategist (

Tip:  Use your humidifier while you sleep, following your nighttime beauty/self-care routine – it will aid in the absorption of the ingredients during your body’s restorative sleep phase so, you rest while your hair, skin and body replenish - a win-win!




We are sure your Winter will be a lot more nourishing in the self-care department following this roundup of our favorite tips and tricks to get your winter beauty woes under control!

Be sure to visit to learn even more about our other natural, clean products - their benefits and our global impact!

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