Intense Scalp + Grow Hair Care Set

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Treat your scalp to this ultimate treatment of hair strengthening and repair

Our Scalp Care Shampoo and Conditioner is formulated with pure Haitian black castor oil and herbal ingredients and hydrolyzed keratin are designed to hydrate and strengthen hair while cleansing. The Scalp Care Pomad is perfect for styling and stimulating healthy hair growth from the scalp. Our Haitian Black Castor Oil encourages scalp circulation and promotes hair growth. It’s the perfect kit for healthy hair growth and renewal.

Set Includes: 

1. Scalp Care Shampoo 8oz

2. Scalp Care Conditioner 8oz

3. Haitian Black Castor Oil - Rosemary Mint, 3.4oz

4. Scalp Care Pomad Kreyol 4oz


Purity Pledge

Kreyòl Essence promises our eco-friendly formulations are made from pure and botanical ingredients. As a social business, we are maniacal about creating jobs, protecting Haiti’s environment and empowering women. We promise that every purchase you make will have a positive and direct impact.


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Intense Scalp + Grow Hair Care Set

Intense Scalp and Grow Hair care Set

Yesterday was my first day taking my hair down and using my kit. I don't particularly like the texture of the shampoo and conditioner but don't be fooled, they definitely do the job. There is a minty tingly feeling from the conditioner. The pomade was nice to massage in my scalp. And of course the L'uile Maskreti (Haitian Castor Oil) is my ultimate favorite. I have been using it for two months and my hair is already fuller! I love these products so far.


Intense Scalp + Grow Hair Care Set

Ayiti, home grown! Amazing!

Literally the best hair products I've ever purchased. Hands down! A little goes a long way with the shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo lathers up really nice and left my hair feeling so soft. I was shocked and confused haha! - thought I put on conditioner first by mistake. The peppermint in the conditioner is strong, but I love it! I leave it on for only about 3-4 mins and it tingles, massages well, and smoothes out my hair SO WELL. Carefully combed through (wide tooth comb) beautifully. The Haitian Black castor oil is amazing. Pure, thick, straight from the motherland, Ayiti! A little goes a long way with this as well. The pomade is nice and light. I use it to grease my scalp leading up to wash day. All of this works well on my transitioning her by the way.
I've only used the bar soap once, I like it so far. My skin is pretty sensitive, but it left my skin feeling really nice. Not drying at all. Great products - worth the investment. 100%!

Absolutely Love it!!!

It definitely feels like a treatment... my scalp was tingling the entire time and my hair felt soft. I wish the masque was included in the set because the conditioner didn’t add as much moisture as I would like BUT I am in LOVE. I try to only wash once a week but my scalp feels so amazing I want to wash again now lol I will definitely purchase again. 

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This Body Creme is...

Amazing! My wife love it so much, she took it from me. The smell is excellent and the feel of it is very nice. It last a long time. I ride a motorcycle and normally when I remove my gloves, my hands are dry. Well not with this product. It last a long time. I love it. I'm glad I saw this product on the Shark Tank.

Amazing oil, does what it says!

Excellent product, use it in my hair and for ankle inflammation & pain!

Soft skin

I have only used the Moringa Oil on my face, not my hair. My skin feels soft and my coloring is more even. I would definitely recommend this product!

Haitian Moringa Duo
Haitian Moringa Oil + Haitian Moringa Facial Cleanser
100% Natural

Great face oil

I’m using this on my face at night. Have hopes it will reduce my wrinkles with time!