Haitian Black Castor Oil (1 Gallon)

Haitian Black Castor Oil

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$ 120.00
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Palma Christi: Haitian Black Castor Oil™ is the first and only 100% organic Haitian Castor oil on the market.  

This multi-tasking vegetable oil sold by the gallon has proven therapeutic benefits and is the right product for your formulation. Palma Christi: Haitian Black Castor Oil™ has been widely used for centuries to keep hair, skin and body healthy and beautiful.

Thicken and nourish hair | Prevent hair loss| Rejuvenate and moisturizes skin to keep wrinkles at bay| Prevent scars and stretch marks| Remove calluses, corns, warts, and moles | Encourage nail growth | Relieve arthritis, back pain and muscle aches | And so much more!
Hair growth: Apply directly to the scalp and rub in with fingers for maximum penetration of oil.

Deep Conditioner: Add to your favorite conditioner or place in hair as hot oil treatment for 30-60minutes with heat. For extremely damaged hair leave on overnight. Skin: Add generously to bath water and soak in the moisture and aroma.

Body Aches: For healing of tissues and organs, soak flannel in castor oil and place in the area of pain. Corns: By applying castor oil once or twice daily to the corns, then surround the corn with an adhesive corn pad, which is cut out in the middle.

Nails: Apply the oil to your nails with a cotton swab. Apply freely to cuticles.
Pure Haitian Castor Oil (Lwil Maskreti), Essential Oils
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Haitian Black Castor Oil (1 Gallon)

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Haitian Castor Oil is the best POINT BAR

High Quality Oil

Really love all the ways this oil improves my health from head to toe!!

Game Changer!

I positively love everything about Kreyol Essence Haitian Black Castor Oil! The quality, texture, nourishment and aroma are distinctively exceptional. The gallon size is a great value. I have 3B/4A type hair and it absolutely flourishes with this oil which promotes growth through strengthening and conditioning. This is without question, a game changer!

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Great products

I really like the hair care products and face wash. My natural hair is softer and more manageable. Ive had a small bald spot that is slowly filling back in and ive tried just about every thing to make it grow but now that i started with Kreyol shampoo, conditioner, pomade and castor oil I really notice a difference in my hair ♡ the face wash is a gentle clean and my skin looks and feels fresh ♡

Works Wonder

Highly Recommend.

Haitian Black Castor Oil  Original

I have purchased this oil and the lavender scented. I can't tell you enough how these oils will have your natural hair strong, shiny and manageable. I always thought it was my mother's tale that this oil kept my hair so beautiful. My own personal testimony is get it use it properly and you will be amazed. My husband uses in his hair and notice the difference in his scalp and hair. I promise you you won't regret it, the best invest you will make for bouncy, shiny and manageable hair.

Great bundle, small problem

I've ordered several times from Kreyol Essence and I've been pleased with every order except for a small problem with my last order. The lavender hibiscus oil is cloudy and it dries differently from the other oils. I am still satisfied overall with my order tho and plan to order more oils in the future.

Good product

As an haïtien I know already it is good an I grateful that somebody bring it to me an to the United States cause is not easy to fin someone to bring it from Haiti for you whatever where you from try it you will not regret an the morninga facials oil is so good try it an thanks to Kreyòl essence