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Celebrate Haitian Tradition Through Beauty

Mothers and Grandmothers play one of the most important roles in Haiti’s vibrant culture. As the pillar of families and the global economy, they're not given the honorable title of Poto-Mitan for no reason. Their strength, tireless work and compelling beauty secrets have been historically passed down by through the ages, deeply rooting them in culture and tradition.

For Haitian Heritage Month and Mother’s Day, we are proud to pay tribute to them though story. We invite you to pass down these cherished tips with your very own and indulge in our pure and authentic Haitian products made by Poto-Mitans of Haiti with love and care.




Q. How has your Haitian Heritage influenced you as a mother?

Gade Tande! To respect and love family, love their heritage and It takes a village.


Q. As a professional, is it hard to balance your work and being a mom?

I'm currently the Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Disability inclusive International Development organization. It is the hardest thing I have had to do. I love my kids and love my job! Balancing children, family and a career is sometimes impossible but I manage with the help of amazing people around me. 

Q. What do you want for your kids more than anything else? What aspect of Haitian Heritage do you most want them to know?

To be happy and feel loved. Why we must be proud to be Haitian, our language, our culture, our food.


Q. What is your favorite Kreyol Essence product?

Its a tie between the Haitian Black Castor Oil with Lavender Hibiscus and the Mango Papaya and Coconut Rhum Punch Body Wash. The first product helps me sleep and aides with my scalp's health and the second helps me to relax in the shower which is especially needed after all my traveling.


Q. What do you remember most about Lwil Maskriti / Haitian Castor Oil growing up? Do you use this traditional oil in your family?

The earthy smell is my distinct memory of Lwil Maskriti. I'm thrilled Kreyol Essence has taken this traditional remedy and added some scented variations with pure essential oils. Absolutely, it's a staple in my household to help with hair growth and soothing muscle aches.


Q. What did your mom, grandmother, aunt/mother figure instill in you that could almost bring you to tears?

You support family though thick and thin. Family is sometimes more than blood. 


Mothers Day 2018


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