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Kreyol Essence

The natural hair care market is estimated to be worth upwards of a billion dollars, and one of the emerging brands in this sector with Caribbean roots is Kreyol Essence.

Launched in 2013 by Yve-Car Momperousse and partner Stéphane Jean-Baptiste who are both of Haitian heritage, Kreyol Essence is an agribusiness that works with Haitian farmers to cultivate Ricinus communis the castor oil plant and other cash crops. Once harvested, they then produce a range of natural hair, skin, and body products which are marketed to those with dry hair and dry skin.

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The Real Deal

My hair and skin love this oil. I am Jamaican and my hair responds better to this oil than black Jamaican castor oil.

Smells Heavenly

I work in a predominately male office, literally, I am the only female in the office. And everyone says oh my god, whatever you’re wearing it smells amazing!!! It’s literally just lotion... thank You Kreol Essence!!!!


I love this product! I will definitely recommend it to my friends

HBCO oil

Love it . Can get a enough it.

Haitian Black Castor Oil Growth Conditioner

Excellent product
keeps my hair soft and moisturized